AMERICAN DAD “100 A.D. Part 1” Season 7 Episode 1

Check out a first look of the Season 7 premiere episode of AMERICAN DAD titled “100 A.D. Part 1” which airs Sunday October 3, 2010 at 9:30pm on FOX. You can read all our coverage of American Dad here.

Episode Synopsis: AMERICAN DAD “100 A.D. Part 1” Season 7 Episode 1 – When Hayley and her old boyfriend, Jeff, elope, Stan freaks out and offers a reward to anyone who can stop them, sparking a wild goose chase throughout town. Reginald and Bullock argue over Hayley’s choice to run away with Jeff. Roger and Steve are on the case to find Hayley and Jeff as “Wheels and Legman” in the milestone 100th episode season premiere “100 A.D. Part 1” airing Sunday, Oct. 3 (9:30 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on AMERICAN DAD on FOX.

Show Summary: An animated comedy revolving around Stan Smith, a CIA agent in Langley Falls, VA, whose main objective in life is national security. His family, a talking goldfish and a space alien rescued from Area 51 keep Stan busy while he tries to prevent terrorist activity in the U.S.

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