THE BACHELOR Brings Back Brad Womack

Brad Womack

He`s ba-ack! In an unprecedented move sure to be more than a little controversial, ABC’s THE BACHELOR is bringing back Brad “The Cad” Womack for a second chance at finding love. He claims to be a much different man than when he rejected both Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas back in season 11 of the reality hit and is going to use season 15 to prove it.

The day after the finale of The Bachelor season 11 taped was the loneliest day of Womack’s life. Disappointed in himself for wasting this great opportunity, Brad kept to himself for two to three months afterwards. Unaware at the time that he really wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship and not knowing the reasons why, his fears and worries were validated when a media firestorm and viewers from across the country let him know what they were thinking. With that, he started therapy to learn what problems were confronting him. He desperately wanted to fix whatever it was that wasn’t allowing him to let people into his life.

For the last three years he has undergone intensive therapy, looking at who he was in a quite painful journey of self-awareness. In the meantime, he put his head down and worked – buying and selling three companies and building one from the ground up. And although he has dated during this time, he hasn’t had a serious relationship. Adding to his sense of urgency are his two brothers: Chad, his twin, is not only married now but has a daughter; and Wes, his younger brother, who also is married, now has a little boy and girl. Brad is the last one without a wife or family.

Brad is convinced he is a better person in many ways than he was in 2007. Get ready to see a changed, revitalized man who is still optimistic and confident about finding love on The Bachelor. He is more ready than ever to find a wife and start a family.

Season 15 of The Bachelor will premiere on ABC in January, 2011.

So, do you think Brad really is a changed man, or is it once a cad, always a cad? More importantly, will you be tuning in to find out?