RAISING HOPE “Dead Tooth” Review

Raising Hope (FOX) "Dead Tooth"

RAISING HOPE “Dead Tooth” Episode 2 – Jimmy puts Hope in daycare when he goes back to work in the “Dead Tooth” episode of RAISING HOPE. Hope has miraculously survived a few days with the Chances, but Jimmy’s worried because she won’t smile. When the police put a stop to Jimmy bringing Hope to work, he hires Sabrina’s cousin Shelley, a woman Jimmy hooked up with at a party and never called again, to babysit. Meanwhile, Burt tries to get Virginia and Maw Maw to quit smoking.

The new “See Dick and Jane” opening is cute with and captures each character well. Virginia’s highlighted “cig” is great, but naked Maw Maw should never be in anything (even a parody) resembling a kid`s book because wow, would the resulting therapy would be endless. Speaking of which, my eyes are still burning from seeing Maw Maw nurse Hope, but that is a great opening montage of Hope’s misadventures with her new family. I have no idea how they keep the babies portraying Hope looking so solemn and wise, but good job, show. Jimmy is certainly trying and taking to his new responsibilities pretty well. “I can’t go jump off a bridge. I got a baby now.”

Daycare is always an issue with kids, and while Hope seems happy enough in her mower car-seat with baby goggles and ear muffs (oh, my), one phone call to the cops put a stop to that. Love the flashback to Virginia’s daycare solution for Jimmy–a leash attached to Maw Maw and a picture of Bambi. Virginia stumbles to the solution when she asks Sabrina if she babysits. Poor Jimmy–you don’t want a girl you like seeing your mom put stickers on bread so she can buy it for half-off. Sabrina doesn’t babysit, but her cousin Shelley does. Too bad she’s still carrying a torch for Jimmy who hasn’t called her since they went halfway between second and third base at a party.

The daycare itself is a bit overdone with dogs, kids, and old people, but Shelley’s ukele-accompanied “No biting song is full of win. I’m not sure too many actresses could carry off such an over-the-top quirky character, but Kate Micucci does well, “rotten chopper” and all. I hope she’ll recur.

Hope won’t smile at any of the Chances, despite everyone’s best efforts, though it would help if Burt knew the difference between funny faces and scary faces, and, yeah, it’s a little weird that Jimmy’s getting into Hope’s crib. She does smile at Shelley, and I love that when she finally smiles at Jimmy it’s when brownie is covering one of his teeth.

Sabrina’s boyfriend is pretty much perfect, so that should delay Jimmy-Sabrina for a while, which I think is a good thing. We’ll leave the sex portion of Raising Hope to Burt and Virginia. “I need to go take care of this.” “Gross.” Heh.

Is Virginia really going to quit smoking? I can’t quite picture it. Love finding out Maw Maw quit in 1971 and the family isn’t supposed to let her smoke. I think the lucid moments are actually funnier than the senile antics.

I think this episode of Raising Hope is just as funny as the pilot, and I have high hopes for the show. I can’t believe how funny Garret Dillahaunt is as Burt. Martha Plimpton is, of course, equally fabulous, and Lucas Neff is beyond adorable. Raising Hope has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

What did you think of “Dead Tooth?” Would your mom have kicked butt at beer pong at one of your parties?

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