FRINGE “The Box” Advance Review


Last week’s season premiere of FRINGE, “Olivia”, showed us whats happened to Olivia while still trapped in the alternate universe. This week’s episode, “The Box”, brings us back to our universe. The Fringe team faces a difficult and deadly case, while Bolivia (the alternate universe’s Olivia) finds herself in a strange new world.

What Happens In “The Box”:

The Fringe team is called in to look at a robbery where a number of people, including some of the robbers, are found dead or dying in a trance-like state. The cause may be the only thing stolen during the crime, a box. While Peter and Walter attempt to figure out how the box kills people, Bolivia follows up on the investigation in her own manner. When the box is finally opened, it has an ominous connection to Peter’s time in the alternate universe.

This episode also includes the reading of William Bell’s will at Massive Dynamic, which highlighted the emotional attachment Nina and Walter had with the late Mr. Bell. The real surprise, though, was the inheritance Bell left Walter, and Walter’s reaction to it.

Thoughts About “The Box”:

This episode was a great way to follow up last weeks season premiere “Olivia”. The box and it’s contents lead to a great case which has great Walter/Astrid scenes, including a hilarious moment about a stain on Walter’s tie. The scenes with Bolivia and Peter are certainly tension filled, although not for the reason you may think. The tension is ratcheted up as the episode neared it’s climax, which involves Bolivia aiming her gun at Peter and pulling the trigger.

I loved how boxes seemed to be a theme throughout this episode. First, there’s the box the Fringe team is chasing after. Second, Walter is given an opportunity to open a box with unknown contents that now belong to him. Finally, we have the box the Bolivia seems to be pushing Peter into during the episode. In all of these cases, the boxes (more specifically what is in them) could change things forever.

The plan for this season for Fringe is to switch between the universes on alternate episodes. My initial excitement for this concept is tempered by memories of how Lost tried to do something similar with the “Fronties” and “Tailies”. The results were not exactly great. Storylines were stretched over multiple episodes, which led viewers to wait two weeks to find out what happened. Hopefully J.J. Abrams learned from that experience, and will try to keep the plot of the episodes more contained.

Fringe’s second episode of the season, “The Box”, airs September 30 on Fox at 9 PM. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

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