CASTLE “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” Review

Castle "He's Dead, She's Dead" Review

A psychic is stabbed with an ice pick and stuffed into a couch in this episode of CASTLE, called “He’s Dead, She’s Dead”. Being on the case of a psychic/medium sparks up a debate between Castle and Beckett, he’s a believer but she’s a skeptic and every clue that Castle finds that proves the woman had visions, Beckett finds a way to shoot it down and give a logical explanation. They track the clues until they find that the one responsible was a woman who first murdered her cheating husband and then murdered the psychic when she thought the man was going to speak from the dead and give her away.

My favorite bits…

Castle’s very pointed silence when Alexis said how much they would miss his mother if she got married. LOL.

Castle and Ryan trying to pluralize the name “Casillas”. They’re right, it’s a toughie.

Castle asking Beckett if she believed in “double rainbows”. Knowing Nathan’s fascination with the “Double Rainbow Guy” it made me wonder if that was an adlib.

Giggling at Castle’s little squeak when Beckett started reading the letter from the psychic and he thought she had predicted her own death.

Poor Martha’s story about Chet passing away in the night and telling everyone that she was the love of his life.

Wondering who “Alexander” would end up being in Beckett’s life after the daughter came and told her about her dream.

Castle telling Beckett that if she didn’t even believe in the possibility of magic then she’d never find it. I love that.

The little look Becket gave Castle when he was so quick to promise they’d keep the woman’s confession about her affair confidential.

Ryan and Esposito joining in with Beckett and finding all the ways that the victim could have gotten the info about the affair/murder without being a psychic or medium.

Getting more and more suspicious of the daughter every time she showed up with more “information”m turns out I was wrong but I couldn’t help it.

Ryan and Esposito’s confused looks as Beckett and Castle discussed the “Masons”.

Castle pointing out all the clues in the case that Beckett couldn’t find logical explanations for, and then telling her that his middle name was “Alexander”. Ooohhhh.. interesting.

The way Castle comforted his mom and told her that Chet knew her and loved her, all of her. Aw, so sweet.

Overall I thought this episode of Castle was pretty good. Lots of fun banter and it feels like Castle and Beckett are right back where they were before the whole summer break and awkwardness that followed. Now I’m just waiting to see how the daughter’s vision about “Alexander” might turn out some day.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • sandy

    I agree with all your bits. I love this show. Last nights epi was so good.