SCRUBS: The Complete Ninth Season DVD Review

Scrubs Season 9 DVD

Allowing millions of fans to complete their collections of one of the most outrageous comedies on TV — on September 28, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases ABC’s SCRUBS: The Complete Ninth and Final Season – featuring every final season episode of one of ABC’s most beloved comedies, complete and uninterrupted, along with never-before-seen bonus materials that fans will love, including bloopers, hilarious deleted scenes and much more.

The ninth and final season of Scrubs saw a change to the show with the background changing from a hospital to med school and a whole new crop of cast members being added in the form of med students. Some of the original cast stayed on to act as teachers, including Turk (played by Donald Faison) and Dr. Cox (played by John C. McGinley).

Bonus Features

Scrubbing In – from the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital, to the halls of Winston University – Zach Braff hosts this look at the new cast and how his character J. D. passed over the torch to Lucy (played by Kerry Bishe).We are introduced to each of the new med students – including Cole (played by Dave Franco), Drew (played by Michael Mosley) and Denise (played by Eliza Coupe). There are cool insights from the shows creator Bill Lawrence as well as Sarah Chalke. At one point in it, Zach calls the ninth season the “Muppet Babies version of Scrubs” and he’s right. The new med students are all young and sexy, exactly like the original cast was way back when Scrubs first hit the air and we get to hear from them and see how much they all enjoyed being a part of the show.

There are also some Deleted Scenes. with commentary by series creator Bill Lawrence.

Always my favorite part of any DVD extras, I was glad that Scrubs included Bloopers. I love seeing little glimpses into what it’s really like on set with the actors of a tv show and how they get along. Bloopers are when we get to see them having the most fun. While I wish there could have been a lot more, they were still pretty funny and a good addition to the DVD.

Live from the Golf Cart – Everyone’s favorite security guards, Capt. Melvis Duncook and his partner Lt. Frank Underhill as co-host, run their own talk show from the golf cart. Todd drops by as their first guest to talk about writing his first book, but is soon distracted by (what else?) a hot chick in glasses and runs off.

Overall a pretty good DVD and I think it’s a must-have for anyone who loved the show. While Scrubs may have gone in another direction in its final season, no fan can be without the last episodes of this series. The bonus features, especially the blooper reel and the “Scrubbing In” featurette, make it worth adding to your Scrubs collection.

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