More Scripts Ordered for HELLCATS and ONE TREE HILL

Hellcats (The CW)

Are you enjoying the brand new show Hellcats? Are you still obsessed with One Tree Hill, even after it aired its eightieth season? (For the record, it’s on season eight). Well, according to, the CW has ordered six scripts for each show!

One Tree Hill premiered with 2.1 million viewers whilst Hellcats nabbed 3 million viewers for its premiere, and held on to 2.3 million of those in its second week. That does not include online viewership.

One Tree Hill, in case you’ve been in a coma for the last decade, is a drama set in the town of Tree Hill (“There is only one Tree Hill…and it’s your home.” Is it sad that not only did I not have to look that quote up, but I know it’s from Lucas’ mother Karen in the first season finale? Yes? Oh well.) Initially it was a high school drama about two half-brothers who join the basketball team Ravens, and the relationship between the two brothers and their girlfriends and friends (but mainly girlfriends). Then it decided to skip college, since college equates death in tv land and the actors were about thirty years old, and move ahead five years to their lives as very good looking yet anguished guys and their gals in their mid-twenties.

Hellcats is a high school comedy drama with Disney Princess Ashley Tisdale which premiered this year. It is about a pre-law student who joins a cheerleading team in order to maintain her scholarship. Meow.

Are you a fan of either show? Of both? Of neither? Does this news change your life? Sound off in the comments below!

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