HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER released Season 5 on DVD on September 21st and I’m happy to say I had a chance to review a copy.

It’s a 3-Disc set that contains all 24 episodes from Season 5 as well as some extras. In Season 5, Robin and Barney become an item, and Ted gets closer than ever before to meeting the mother of his children. Also in Season 5, Lily and Marshall make big plans about the future and Robin makes big decisions about her career. Guest stars in Season 5 include: Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Amanda Peet and Rachel Bilson.

Special features include: Bloopers, 3 Music Videos, The Making of “Super Date”, “The Wedding Bride” Trailer – Extended Version, Behind the Scenes of the 100th Episode, and a Series Recap.

Overall I felt the extras on the DVD were on the weak side. The behind-the-scenes of the 100th episode and the bloopers were great, but pretty much everything else was content that was already in the episodes and nothing very special. I felt the the “Series Recap” and “The Wedding Bride Trailer” were nothing more than filler. The cast is so much fun that behind the scenes footage really works well for DVDs, so I was hoping for more of it.

Season 5 was one of my favorite seasons of How I Met Your Mother, so if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you check it out. My favorite episode include “The Sexless Innkeeper“, “The Playbook“, “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” and “Girls Versus Suits“. I feel like the quality of the episodes makes up a little bit for the lack of extras.

If you’ve checked out this DVD set please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought! Also, be sure to check out How I Met Your Mother Monday nights on CBS at 8 PM.

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