HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Cleaning House” Review

What did you think of tonight’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Cleaning House”? Although I was eager to see Ted’s love life progress (and hopefully come closer to meeting his wife), I enjoyed seeing Barney in a serious episode. Let’s break down tonight’s episode a little bit:

Robin and Ted: I loved the e-mails Robin was sending about Ted. I think they touched on an important point when recommending your single friends – you can’t over or undersell them. Since Robin said this Liz girl is movie star hot in a Robert De Niro way I think it’s safe to assume this isn’t his ex’s roommate (aka the mom). I say that because the mom was described as being very hot. What do you think? Can we rule out this girl Robin is trying to set Ted up with as being the mom?

Barney: I felt so bad for Barney! His mom kept so much from him and his brother – would you have been angry at her? I felt like the boys were a little too forgiving. I enjoyed seeing a different dimension to Barney. I wanted him to find out who his dad was. Maybe he will in a future episode?

Lily and Marshall had a smaller role in “Cleaning House” which was a bummer but they did get a lot of face time in the premiere. So what was your favorite part of of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother? My fav moment was when Barney Auto-Tuned himself. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on tonight’s of How I Met Your Mother, “Cleaning House”!

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