GOSSIP GIRL “The Undergraduates” Review

What did you think of tonight’s episode of GOSSIP GIRL, “The Undergraduates”?

Nate: Stupid Nate! I know Serena hurt him but he should know better than to get involved with Juliet. She’s obviously a liar and a manipulator. He needs to come to his senses and soon because Juliet seems dangerous.

Dan and Vanessa: Finally the truth about Georgina and Milo! I was getting a little tired of Dan and Vanessa trying to play house. I’m glad Georgina fessed up and took her and Milo out of Dan’s life. I know Dan was sad to see Milo go, but it was the right thing to do. What about Vanessa moving in with Dan? The last time they were an item Dan cheated on her with Serena. Do you think they are ready to get back together?

Blair: Blair finally has her first day at Columbia. After watching Blair struggle socially at NYU it’s great to see her doing what she does best: queen bee of an exclusive society and hanging out on the steps with the girls. That being said, I thought Blair was unforgivably mean to poor Eva.. I mean, ‘peasant hands’? LOL, okay I’ll hand it to her that she has a way with words, but wow that was harsh! Normally Blair can do no wrong in my eyes so I hated watching that scene, although she did redeem herself with her kind gesture to her new roomie Serena.

Serena: I thought Juliet might be an evil force to be reckoned with and I was just begining to roll my eyes when it looked liked there was going to be yet another falling out between Serena and Blair. However, something completely refreshing happened – Serena saw through the BS Juliest was shoveling and used Lily and Blair to get even. Nice job S! Now teach Nate to be just as smart.

Rufus: Sometimes I feel like Rufus and Eric are the only two sane people on the show, although I would NEVER forgive the man that tried to rape my 14 year old daughter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Chuck Basshole and all his Bassets, but if I was Rufus, I’d kill him. What do you think? I’m glad Rufus stepped in with the Dan and Milo situation. It looks like Georgina was ready to confess anyway, but it was right of Rufus to check on things for his son’s sake.

Lily: I am loving this new role Lily has been taking on with Chuck. He needs a good mother figure in his life. Although I can understand why Rufus hates him, it’s good that he at least has Lily as family.

Chuck: Now before I say anything about Eva let me be clear about something first, I love Blair and she belongs with Chuck. Even so, I LOVE Eva too. I think she’s lovely, don’t you? She fell in love with Chuck for the right reasons, she forgave him when she learned the truth and she is nothing like the snobby, petty, self-absorbed girls on the show. I’m cheering for you Eva, I hope Chuck treats you right! What do you all think about Eva? Is she a keeper?

Twist: So we already knew that Juliet was a psycho that was plotting something, and NOW we see that she is in cahoots with somebody in prison. Who was he? He looked familiar but I couldn’t place his face – has he been on the show before? Normally I’m decent at remembering people was I drew a blank when I saw him. Please leave me a comment if you have more info on this guy – but please no spoilers if we aren’t meant to know who he is yet 🙂

Also, still no sign of Little J – do you think she’ll make an appearance soon? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl “The Undergraduates”!

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