THE X FACTOR UK 2010 “Bootcamp: Stage 2” Review

X Factor Bootcamp 2 (ITV)

The second day of bootcamp, episode eight of the seventh series of THE X FACTOR UK, found the remaining contestants fighting for a place in the judges’ houses. Cheryl and Danni are back in time to find out who they will be judging.

Simon’s shirt is unbuttoned more than usual. Katie Waissel is first up (the Madonna look-a-like, remember?) She’s one of the only people on any reality show to admit they love their job. She is a receptionist at a hair salon. I think she’s very charismatic, and Nicole agrees: “Ooh, do I want to watch her, do I want to look at her.” Louis disagrees: “She tried too hard” he says. Shouldn’t she?

Diva Fever are up next: not as brainless as Jedward, you will either love them or hate them. I loved them…until they started singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Please! No more renditions of this song! No matter how good it is, I can’t hear it one more time!

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho is this sort of this year’s Rhydian-he’s quite interesting. And he has a cool name.

Nicolo Festa, AKA diva, complains about the air conditioning and lack of mic stand. He sings Life on Mars, and impresses the judges.

Mary Byrne is worried about her voice; Gamu, who was surrounded by auto-tune controversy, is aiming to support her mother, who moved them from Zimbabwe. She sings Make You Feel My Love, by Adele. She sings it beautifully, totally feeling the song: she even cries, she even points and it doesn’t look choreographed, she makes Louis cry. She’s pretty awesome.

In their respective categories, the Girls, Overs, Groups and Boys are put through to the judges houses. Chloe is off home, it’s mostly predictable: Cher Lloyd, Mary Byrne, Nicolo Fest, Katie Waissel, Liam Payne…they’re all through. Basically almost anyone with a decent voice and some screen time went through.

The real suspense came when the judges were told which group they would be mentoring. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly biting my nails. Anyhow, Simon has the Groups, Louis the Overs (much to his disappointment), Danni the Boys and Cheryl the girls (much to her elation).

Next week are the judges houses, then the live shows, when things really start heating up.

Personally, I’d put my money on Cheryl going for the hat-trick. The girls have Cher Llyod, who has the most youtube views of any contestant this year, Katie Waissel, who is utterly charming, Gamu, who is sweet and has the ability to reduce people to tears, and TreyC Cohen, who can wail like a gale. Oh yeah, I said it.

Plus, Cheryl Cole is the Darling of the UK. It’s official. There was a referendum. I swear.

What did you think of the second stage of bootcamp? Dare to make an early prediction? Sound off in the comments below!

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