RUBICON “In Whom We Trust” Review

Rubicon (AMC) - In Whom We Trust

Last week’s episode of RUBICON gave us new insight into, and confirmation of, the characters’ troubled personal lives. In this week’s episode “In Whom We Trust”, the show continues to highlight the negative effects that the team’s work has on their lives and psychological well-being. And of course, there is always the recurring theme of paranoia.

Kale finds a bug in the base of a lamp at his home. Kale helps Maggie deal with her no-good ex-husband. Will overreacts to Andy’s ambiguous phone call which she says was to her sister. Will contacts Katherine, but Donald Bloom threatens and plays on their fears to keep them apart. Minus Tanya, the team discovers Kateb, George, and Yuri are dead. While Tanya goes through drug counseling, she is stuck in the basement filing paperwork until she is allowed to join the team again. Will discovers the final project that David was working on.

Katherine and Will finally cross paths. The underlying motive for their search is to find the truth about their husband and friend’s deaths. They are both enveloped in fear, but interestingly their fears come from different places. Katherine’s fear is from not knowing what is going on; Will’s fear is from knowing too much (yet not enough). Meanwhile the team deals with personal fears; no one on the team wants to go home. Mile’s marriage is over. Tanya is stuck filing, which she hates; but at the same time she is diffident when it comes to her actual job (probably due to the responsibility of her decisions). Grant stays late to help Tanya and more importantly to avoid his wife. Will’s life is being controlled by his paranoia. On the other hand, Kale seems to gain more confidence, knowing that he’s being watched. He is practically jovial in tonight’s episode of Rubicon, as well as “generous”, buying the lamp for his partner and helping Maggie.

I always enjoy seeing the interactions between the team members, because viewers can relate to their basic friendships at one level or another. The connection we make with the characters is what keeps us interested in the conspiracy and the vague Kateb/Yuri/George storyline. I watch the mystery part of the show with great anticipation but with less attachment. In other words, I care about the mystery because of a desire to know how it will turn out for the team and the conspirators.

Does the Kateb/Yuri/George story tie-in with the conspiracy or not? What is the “operation in progress”? Why does Kale help Maggie with her ex-husband? Is Kale really out of the loop; he seems to know something, but what? Do we trust Andy yet? “Could it be I’m paranoid?”

What do you think about episode 10 “In Whom We Trust” of Rubicon?