DEXTER: Sex, Marry or Kill?

DEXTER (Season 5)

In time for DEXTER‘s premiere tonight at 9pm on Showtime, our wonderful writer Dani just wrote a really great article on her own blog Riddle Me This, in which she asks the very interesting question: If you had to choose, which would choose to do with a serial killer like Dexter?

1) Have sex
2) Marry
3) Kill

Dani makes a really interesting point when she explains:

Here’s the thing. He is a serial killer. But he only kills bad people? But he loves doing it. And he only kills bad people because he was told that is how he should do it to avoid getting caught. If not for the code, wouldn’t he just kill anyone without a second thought? Therein lies the conflict.

So, what say you? It’s time to vote!

Also don’t forget to head over to Riddle Me This and share your thoughts with Dani there as well.

And of course don’t forget to tune in tonight and watch the Season 5 premiere of Dexter at 9pm on Showtime. But in the meantime you can also read Dani’s great advance review for the first three episodes of the season.