SMALLVILLE “Lazarus” Review


The Biblical references went full out in the finale and tenth season opener of SMALLVILLE, called “Lazarus”. Opening seconds after last season’s finale, teetering between life and death, Clarke comes upon a cross and his father’s gravestone in the midst of a corn field.

Jor-El admonishes Jesus Clark, for taking the martyrs path instead of standing to fight the evil. He warns him that a team of superheroes is not enough. Just as Lois pulls the blue kryptonite stake out of his chest, just as he is about to return firmly to life, he catches a glimpse of Lex Luthor. Oh yeah, you know it. Lois quickly hides herself before Clarke awakens and takes a really cool pose.

Clarke goes to Chloe to find out more about Lex, and she points him in the direction of the Daily Planet, where Lois is checking up on Clarke’s superhero past. She tells him they have to talk in the barn. Later.

Chloe has left Watchtower and has arrived at…I dunno, the Last Supers? Heh. (That was a pun. Geddit? I know. I’m a comedian.) in order to find Oliver she dones a gold glowing talking helmet which knocks her out.

Tess wakes up with her face fully healed in Cadmus Labs. She sees some giant test tubes with some Gollum-look alike leering out. She also finds a little boy, Alexander, in a small hole. Alexander is the brother of the Gollum look-a-likes. It turns out they were all engineered from Lex’s DNA. They have all of his memories and emotions, eve the bad one who picks a fight with her.

Chloe wakes up and tells Clark some of her visions, and then she whispers “Goodbye Clark.” Oh my gosh.

Meanwhile Lois is kidnapped from the barn after opening Superman’s proper costume by Lex.

Lex’s doppelganger is ready to face off with Clark, and he lures Clark into battle. Unbeknownst to Clark, Lois is crucified in a cornfield, which he burns, deciding her death will break The Blur. What a lame superhero name. Superman is far better.

Personally, if I were a villain, I’d so totally just chop her head off-or shoot her. Burning takes too long, and what if a Superman wind brews?

Lex’s doppelganger gives him a choice: save a bunch of people, or save Lois.

Oh yeah! The big showdown! Here’s the moment from all the promos. It’s going to be so…

As much as I hate to, I’m just going to say it. They totally cheated.

It was so simple and unsatisfying. Zero suspense.

It did not mean the episode fell flat. Far from it. I just think there could have been more of a danger in the choice, the risk. Really, it was just poor execution. But an awesome (if overused) plot device.

Shockingly, Chloe trades place with Oliver. Lois goes to Africa (to protect Clark, I guess, as she now knows for certain she’s his greatest weakness). Jor-El is disappointed in him, but Jonathan Kent is proud. In a vision he returns to counsel and warn Clark.

“What’s coming, dad?” Clark asks.

Black smoke, a crazy monster. And Superman’s costume.

Despite my quibble, overall, it was a brilliant and exciting season opener. So many questions to be answered, so many plots to be wrapped up. I’m happy this is the last season: I’m happy the writers know it. Now everything can be thrown out there. Hopefully, there will be no holding back.

What did you think of Smallville‘s final season opener? Who kidnapped Oliver (and now has Chloe)? What is that black smoke monster thing (I’m so lost…ha…heh…tumbleweed)? Was it Darkseid? Have any theories? Want to rant or rave? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • ray

    it was a great season opener. best one yet i think. the black smoke thing was definitely darkseid, just look closely, it looks exactly like him.

  • spoku

    that was the spirit of vengance The Spectre

  • mike

    100% Darkseid. Last season hinted toward it also. The granny in the hospital was darkseids granny goodness

  • It’s so, so. The directors could have left the Lex Luthor theme die peaceful and not brought in the clones. And, why wasn’t Michael Rosenbaum asked back to play his role as Lex? When the time comes, Rosenbaum should really play the play of Clark biggest enemy, because he aging Lex did not appeal to me. The fact that Lois now knows that Clark and the ‘Blur’ are one and the same person is an “it’s about moment”. I hope she doesn’t blow it to make Clark erase her memory again.

    The Superman outfit for Clark is “Right on!” But, I suspect we will see him wear until he source out dark side, which be probably be towards the end of the series.

    All in all, I am looking toward to seeing more of the series. After watching for 10 seasons, I cannot miss Clark glowing moment.

    Nevertheless, I have a question of my own. Now that the CW is reaching the conclusion of the series, what will life be on the network without Smallville? Has the CW found a suitable superhero to replace the Smallville series? If so, will he/she be from the Justice Ledge? I would like it.