DEXTER Season 5 Advance Review

DEXTER (Season 5)

This Sunday DEXTER returns for its fifth season on Showtime. I was lucky enough to preview the first three episodes in advance. This season is going to be good folks!

As you know, we left off at the end of last season with Trinity killing Rita before Dexter had the opportunity to finally take care of him. Dexter made this gruesome discovery when he stopped home to pack to meet Rita in the Keys for their honeymoon. In one of the most haunting and somewhat disturbing scenes, Dexter finds Harrison crying in a pool of blood, much like how Harry found Dexter in the storage unit.

Season 5 picks up exactly where Season 4 left off. Miami Homicide shows up, as does Deb, and in a moment of pure shock Dexter says “it was me.” Of course, with everything that happened in Season 4 is it any wonder that Dexter would blame himself? Season 5 is about Dexter’s journey through grief, his journey as a single father, and his journey as Dexter, the serial killer blood spatter expert whose life has changed drastically in the past four seasons. For those of you who thought that we would never see Rita again, she does make an appearance which only leaves you wanting more.

How does a serial killer deal with grief? Apparently like the rest of us, but with different actions and outlets. Harry, who has always offered Dexter the best advice both before and after his death, remarks after one particular action that it was “the most human thing” he had ever seen Dexter do. I might have to disagree with the “human thing”, but it did show the most human side to Dexter we have seen yet.

We do not have to wait long for Dexter to get back to his old self, or at least attempt to return to his “normal.” After all, being a good serial killer makes Dexter a better person, right? Dexter stumbles upon an appropriate candidate and is back in the stalking business in no time. As usual, his instincts are right and he is quickly planning how to take care of his next “victim.” Having seen what this guy has done, I don’t think victim is really the right description. During this time, we get a special guest appearance by Julia Stiles. I had heard that she would be in Season 5, but I certainly wasn’t expecting her in the role they gave her. That is what I love about Dexter, it is always surprising you.

Other characters are also struggling. Batista and Maria are newlyweds on the down low and are struggling to adjust to married life and also her authority as her husband’s boss. It also doesn’t help that not everyone on the squad has the greatest opinion of Maria. Deb is struggling with her new role as a pseudo mom and protector of her brother. She also gets entangled in a tryst and is not sure how to deal with the aftermath of that event. Quinn is struggling to accept that it was Trinity that killed Rita as he has other ideas.

The first episode was a bit slow moving, but I think that is to be expected when the story revolves around the death of a major character. Everyone needs time to grieve and figure out what they are going to do next. I know that I was surprised at how affected I was by the aftermath of Rita’s death. In typical Dexter fashion, though, things quickly pick up pace and by the third episode, we are back to what we know and love. With the introduction of Julia Stiles and other guest stars such as Shawn Hatosy, Johnny Lee Miller and Peter Weller, I think this season is going to be good!

Watch the premiere of Season 5 of Dexter this Sunday at 9p.m. on Showtime and then come back here and tell me what you thought.

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