UNNATURAL HISTORY “Past, President and Future” Review

Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) Past, President and Future

UNNATURAL HISTORY‘s first season finale has arrived. Episode thirteen, “Past, President and Future” Maggie and Jasper vying for school presidency whilst Henry makes an effort to up his grades so he can join his parents on their next visit.

Benjamin Franklin in a lightning storm? Nope, it’s Henry Griffin flying a kite. Why, we’ll find out later as the episode flashes back three days where Maggie and Jasper are vying for school presidency and Henry finds himself with a D+ in American History. Principal Bartlett sends Henry to Mount Vernon to get a “hands on” approach with history.

It is there that Henry has his head pushed into one of those really old toilets by the amusing jerk Hunter, and he finds an old library book from George Washington.

Henry’s parents miss him more than hot water. They also give him the idea to examine the book, which leads him to a really cool map by Jefferson.

As he investigates further (without the help of Maggie and Jasper, who are too busy with their campaign), he finds himself confronted with a colonial pop quiz. It turns out he doesn’t need Maggie and Jasper to do all of the brain work. Like the Sphinx, he answers correctly and he’s through the passage and ends up…in gardens of the White House.

The Obamas were “totally chill” once they realized he was a non-threat and he was escorted home by the Secret Service just as his parents arrived.

He parents were not too impressed to see their son escorted home by the Secret Service, especially after reminding themselves and the audience of the dangerous mischief Henry so often gets himself into.

Henry finally tells Jasper and Maggie that if he passes his exam he’ll go to Mongolia. Both are devastated and angry at him for not telling them sooner. Angry and alone, he returns to the cellar and this time realizes that Benjamin Franklin, never a president, was the odd one out. The secret passage is booby trapped and Henry finds himself dodging arrows before interrupting Maggie and Jasper’s presidential debate with an atomic bomb threat.

Maggie and Jasper unite to help Henry and support his theory. The trio team up to stop an atom bomb. With an hour left before a mushroom cloud hangs over the school, they lock Uncle Bartlett in his office (only after he delivers the most brilliant line: “I know you are all going through the most narcissistic stage of your lives, but try to understand, this night is all about me.”)

Jasper distracts his father, Maggie holds the device, waiting for Henry to fly the kite which ultimately destroys the bomb. Even after saving the entire museum from utter destruction, he’s grounded.

Henry prepares to leave, bidding a poignant farewell to Jasper and Maggie as he heads to Mongolia. Maggie and Jasper get 81 votes each, though Henry has yet to cast his vote.

Henry decides to bring both Maggie and Jasper to Mongolia and it is here we leave them, and Unnatural History.

It was a great send off for the season (not the series, I refuse to even contemplate that the show could end after only thirteen episodes), filled with the usual mix of comedy and adventure, sprinkled with a few touching scenes. This was the show at its best, and I cannot wait for next year.

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