THE BIGGEST LOSER “Season 10 Episode 1” Review

The Biggest Loser (NBC) Season 10 Episode 1

Let me make a confession: out of the nine previous seasons of THE BIGGEST LOSER I have seen only a handful of episodes, and never a premiere. Season ten’s first episode was a revelation. I never put any thought as to how they selected the contestants. This season it was about paying it forward so this season they’re heading to seven different cities from around the US to pick their contestants.

First stop Detroit. Obesity has surpassed smoking as the leading cause of death. For the first time since the Civil War the life expectancy rate is falling. Florence and the Machine plays over Bob’s workout routine in Detroit. Three people from the crowd gathered will be gathered as potential contestants. Jesse, Sophia and Aaron are the chosen three. Jesse weighs a grand total of 369 pounds. Sophia’s weight comes from her brother Edwin who died in a car accident. The trauma has sent her into a downward spiral. Sophia weighs in at 272 pounds. Aaron picked up the addictive traits of alcoholism from his father and applied it to food. He does not want to embarrass his son the way his father embarrassed him. His starting weight even issued a gasp from the audience. His starting weight is 468 pounds. “The next time you guys see me,” he says, “I’ll have a six pack.”

As she keeps pushing, she recites Edwin’s motto in her head: “Do work son, do work!” And she is the first to 500 and through. Aaron is one hundred behind Jesse. The sight of Aaron’s three year old son in crouching in front him was sweet.

Sophia and Jesse bid farewell to their families as they head to the Biggest Loser camp.

Next up we head to Los Angeles, where we meet Adam, whose mother died of a heart attack. Ada was in a kiddie pool with her younger brother when he drowned, another brother died from sudden death syndrome and when she got her driver’s licence, she crashed her car and her other brother died in the wreck. Her father slapped her and said, “what are you trying to do, kill another one?” She wants to lose weight to get closer to her family. She also wins for best Sob Story I have ever heard on a reality television show. Next is Montina, a backing singer for Beyonce, who wants to lose weight so she can get through the music industry and start a career of her own. Ada and Adam are through.

In Portland Burdandy and Tina are through. Burgandy is a foster parent with five children, one of whom has autism. Tina is a 58 year old grandmother. She weighs 263 pounds. I hope I look half as good as her when I’m 58. After a mile, Cory falls and is ushered away by ambulance.

In Atlanta we meet Anna, whose three year old son died of cancer. She never moved from his side when he suffered and he died in her arms in a rocking chair. I should have invested in a box of tissues before tuning in. Anna cannot make it through, even with Gillian’s: “I manipulate her with every card I have. Nothing works!”

In Pheonix we meet Jessica, whose mother apparently tried to beat the fatness out of her. In Oklahoma Allie’s VGB (vertical banded gastroplasty) did not help her out of her obesity and Lisa, whose daughter was found lying on the couch, without vision, because she was so dehydrated because she did not want to be fat like her mother. Whew, there’s one way to do it.

Finally, in Boston and New York, Brendan and Frado, and ex-marine, who are through.

I think I’m really going to love watching this season of The Biggest Loser. I’ll have to watch The Big Bang Theory either side of this show, just so I don’t sit there and sob after it’s over.

What did you think of this episode? Who are your favourite contestants? Are there any you wish had gotten through? Let me know in the comments below!

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