Steven’s Top 5 TV Shows: #4 BREAKING BAD

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 13

In some ways, BREAKING BAD is similar to Weeds, except darker. And better. Walter White (Bryan Cranston– yeah, Malcolm’s father) is a high school chemistry teacher who has to work a second job at a car wash, and was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Through a series of events, he blackmails a former student to teach him how to produce and sell crystal meth, utilizing his advanced chemist talents to produce the purest meth around. His ‘glass’ puts him in high demand with the drug community. White sinks deeper and deeper into criminal abandon as he wades through the seedy scene of gangs and businessmen as he tries to ensure his family will be taken care of after he succumbs to cancer. Did I mention better than Weeds?

Breaking Bad features one of the best character dynamics… ever. White and Pinkman, his former student, never fully come to terms with each other. But as time goes on, they form something that resembles a strange afterschool special. But instead of some ball tossing or school project activity, they mix up and distribute batches of meth. It’s a kind of realism poetry you simply can’t find on television elsewhere.

If this series were older, it’d place higher in my top 5. A few more seasons and this series will be timeless. If there were such a thing as the Great American Television Series anymore, the title screen of Breaking Bad would be next to the definition in the dictionary. Fair warning: this is one of those series that you really, really, REALLY shouldn’t pick up in the middle. Most especially don’t let the first episode of the upcoming fifth season be your first. You will unhinge the build up from the previous three seasons. You’ll ruin it, I promise you. Breaking Bad is a slow burner, and the stew is about to boil over.