SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) “Caregiver” Review


SONS OF ANARCHY’s third episode of season 3 is ‘Caregiver’, an episode that doesn’t forward the plot as much as the previous two and has some irksome flaws, but definitely brings the humor. This is also the episode that features an appearance by none other than famed author Stephen King, but more on that later.

The caregiver in question is Amelia, the nurse for Nate, Gemma’s father. After last week’s events, Gemma has her locked up in the basement. It’s a bad plan that just gets worse when Nate goes missing and Amelia won’t help them to find him. Tara takes pity on her and tries to give her a little relief, but it backfires when Amelia knocks Tara out and tries to escape. She then threatens Gemma with a knife, which is always a bad move, and ends up stabbed. It’s an accident, but yet again the Teller-Morrow list of ‘oh crap’ moments gets longer by the week.

Back home, SAMCRO hits up the Grim Bastards MC in Lodi for information on the Mayan’s drug operation. The GB will look into it in exchange for guns – which SAMCRO don’t have. But they work out a deal which leaves SAMCRO turning to the Chinese for arms. While the chinese have the goods, they’re asking for a particularly high price. Yet another deal is worked out, this one involving SAMCRO lending out porn stars from Caracara.

In Belfast, Father Ashby has decided Abel should be given to a ‘good Catholic family’ to be raised. Maureen is upset by this but Ashby points out that her feelings for Abel’s granddad shouldn’t come into the situation. Maureen asks whether John Teller made the right choice, leaving her and Belfast to go back to Charming and his family. Looks like dear daddy Teller had a bit on the side, once upon a time. Does Gemma know?

Opie’s discomfort with Lyla’s occupation has been pretty evident since they met, but this week it finally came to a head. Trashing the sex party wasn’t a smart move, but it showed Lyla how Opie really felt and the SAMCRO guys seemed forgiving. It’s sometimes easy to forget that Opie and Lyla haven’t been together long – and that he’s still grieving for Donna, his deceased wife. I always love seeing what’s going on with Opie, but I really wish we could see more of him and his kids. They seem almost an afterthought, even though the situation with Abel should probably have him more focused on them than usual.

Stephen King’s appearance was both longer than I’d imagined and better than I could have hoped. King is no actor and Sons of Anarchy doesn’t pretend otherwise. His character, Bachman, is quiet, stoney-faced and absolutely hilarious. Even Tig looked a little uneasy when Bachman was feeling out Amelia’s body, which included giving her a full on grope at one point. Even better was Tara’s expression when Bachman was about to leave sans-body – I wanted to dare her to ask for details about the ‘disposal’ of it. I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we see of Bachman.

I’m not sure how I felt about Cherry being pulled into the plot. As soon as she said she’d call Half-Sack I knew this was just a stalling tactic. It was made even worse when she did manage to get Gemma’s number, but the phone was one left behind in charming. Even worse was Piney hearing and dismissing it. The Abel storyline couldn’t end this early in the season, of course, but these little things made the storyline dragging out even longer seem very contrived.

Again Tara was of particular interest to me this episode. Will Amelia’s death affect her negatively? Will she be able to dismiss it or will it make her reconsider getting in so deep with SAMCRO? And was her vomiting because of her concussion – or is it a sign of something else? Call me jaded, but when a woman vomits on TV she usually turns out to be either very drunk or very pregnant. I hope I’m wrong, though. This is not the time to bring in new children; the Abel storyline is beginning to test my patience after just three episodes.

Speaking of which, the Sons now know that Cameron Hayes is both in Belfast – and dead. Will Gemma finally find out about the kidnapping? And if she does, will she try contacting Maureen for information? That seems a little too easy. Whatever happens, I hope we make some firm headway on the search for Abel next week.

What did you think about ‘Caregiver’? How do you think Gemma will get out of this sticky situation? And what’s up with Maureen’s past with John Teller? Let us know your thought in the comments below.