ONE TREE HILL “I Can’t See You, But I Know You Are There” Review

One Tree Hill (CW) I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

This week’s episode of ONE TREE HILL was mainly focused on Clay and Quinn and their journey back to the living, at least for one of them. I think the writers really set the stage for this story in their choice of singers for the theme song. Did you notice it was different? This week’s version was more slow and somewhat harrowing which fit in perfectly with the life and death theme that was prevalent for most of the show.

The episode began with Haley once again writing to Lucas whom of course we no longer see. She talks about how she wishes she could see all the ones that they have lost. This makes her think of Quinn and she once again tries to contact her. Finally, she goes over to Clay’s house and makes the gruesome discovery in the bedroom. As they are rushed to the hospital, somewhat miraculously still alive despite the fact that it has clearly been at least over 24 hours since they were shot (and I am thinking closer to 48), we see their “other” versions watch the entire scene. As you will recall from the last episode, Clay and Quinn spent an ideal perfect day at the beach, alone. It turns out it was either their subconscious or, after tonight’s episode perhaps their souls, that were taking that journey. The “real” Clay and Quinn were lying where we last saw them in the season finale, shot on Clay’s bedroom floor.

I thought the episode was a little to heavily centered on Clay and Quinn, mostly their “other” selves. However, toward the end when the soul Clay tells Nate that he will miss him, my heart tugged a bit. That was only made worse when Clay told Quinn that she had to leave him. I especially liked the use of Pearl Jam’s song “Breathe.” It is one of my favorite recent Pearl Jam songs and was particularly appropriate in that scene. It appears that only one of them will return to the land of the living. Didn’t we all know it had to be Quinn? I don’t think Haley would be able to suffer the loss of yet another family member without truly going off the deep end.

While the Clay and Quinn issues are happening, many people are called to pick up Jamie. Up first and striking out immediately are Mia and Chase. Chase left Alex bartending and allowing patrons to do body shots off of her to accompany Mia to get Jamie. The problem, of course, is that Jamie has been taught well and will not go off with “strangers” even if he has met them before and technically knows them. Luckily, Julian shows up and takes Jamie for a day of fun and distraction. Jamie, being a true One Tree Hill child, immediately catches on that something is wrong and finally figures out that it has to do with Quinn who was supposed to pick him up that day. Julian then takes Jamie to the hospital where Jamie gets to visit Quinn and leaves her the gold star that they dug up in the treasure hunt last season. If Quinn has anything to live for, I would think Jamie would be at the top of the list.

In other news, things look grim for Brooke Davis and Clothes Over Bros. There is talk of prison and Brooke flips out when she finds out Victoria and Millie signed her name to all of the documents. She vows to go down fighting but also to not take the blame if something really happens. Millicent feels guilty and finds herself at the bar with Mouth who finally makes an appearance this season. Brooke later has a heart-to-heart with Victoria about whether she was proud of Brooke, whether she did this to sabotage her, and did she really love her. Again, a rehashed and overplayed plotline on this show. I love me some Brooke Davis, but I just wish the writers would let her move on from the same old troubles. Why can’t she remain successful? Why must she always have mother issues?

The other central theme in this week’s One Tree Hill was the theme of fault. Everyone is taking the blame for things and placing it squarely on their own shoulders. Mia blames herself for losing Chase. Brooke blames herself for the problems with the company. Millicent blames herself for the company and for causing Mouth to remain in Tree Hill without a job. Mouth knows that he is to blame for his own actions. Everyone in Tree Hill has a degree of fault, but will they be able to overcome that and move on? That is the real question.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Was the Clay and Quinn storyline too much for the main plot? What do you think will happen to Clay? Share your thoughts and ideas about tonight’s episode in the comments below.

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