NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Human Traffic/Black Widow” Review

NCIS: LOS ANGELES "Human Traffic" Review

Last night NCIS: Los Angeles came back from summer hiatus with two episodes back to back. The first episode, called “Human Traffic” starts off with Callen dreaming about the day he spotted someone photographing him at the cemetery where his sister was buried. He never caught the person and Hetty’s worried about the fact that he’s still wandering aimlessly without a home and sleeping on Sam’s couch. But everyone quickly forgets about that issue when Deeks turns up missing while deep undercover.

The team finds out that two of the men Deeks was working with were killed in a bomb, which should have caused him to report in immediately. When Deeks’ partner is killed in a car bomb just moments after giving them a briefing, they are even more confused as to what could have happened. Finally Deeks does show up and we find out that he was nearly killed in the blast. Injured, he was out cold for 15 hours and as soon as he woke up, he went straight to Hetty. Deeks knows that she’ll help him stay on his case so that he can catch the animal whose business is drugging and kidnapping girls and putting them up for sale. The LAPD wants to solve the case too and one particular detective dislikes the interference from NCIS. No surprise that it turns out he was on the bad guy’s payroll. He tried to blame Deeks’ partner (and lover, as it turns out), but is caught when Deeks puts on a wire and gets the guy to confess.

My favorite bits…

The guy running from Calen actually jumping on a moving car. Whoa. Pretty impressive how Callen was able to do most of the same moves.

Sam warning Kensi not to offer Callen a place to sleep and then telling her everything he does except sleep. My favorite was taking the toaster apart.

Finding out that Deeks was a lawyer. Who knew?

Nate wondering if Hetty was asking him out. LOL!!

Callen catching Hetty’s very subtle slip up and following Hetty to her meeting with Deeks.

Hetty telling Nate to pack a bag and get his passport because he was needed. hm, interesting.

Finding out the truth of what happened when Callen saw someone was photographing him at the cemetery. Not as wild as the chase through the streets of Hollywood, but still good.

YES! I was so hoping that Callen would end up in his old house. Kinda surprised it took this long for it to happen but still, so happy. That’s the perfect place for him.

Overall a good start to the second season of NCIS: Los Angeles. I think having the team go after Deeks really brought home that he’s part of the team now and I liked the secondary storyline of Callen getting his old house.

After that, it was time for the second episode called “Black Widow”. An NCIS agent is killed in the “perfect hit” and rather than dealing with just one hitman, they are dealing with an entire team of them. When they manage to catch one of them, Callen is put deep undercover as a replacement assassin.

Instead of being on the trail of a mob boss or someone else, the assassination team is after what appears to be a suburban housewife. Anything but a “soft target” as she first appears, Emma was once a Chechnyan operative. The man who hired the team to kill her is the father of her boy and wants his son back. Not a wilting flower either, Emma volunteers to go in and set a trap so they can catch the assassination team red handed. When the plans change and the assassination is moved to another location, everyone has to scramble to get there on time to save her life. Afterwards the woman realizes that it’s time to tell her husband the truth about her past and the fact that their boy isn’t his biological son.

My favorite bits…

Deeks drilling Kensi on fine art and telling her she won a “steaming bucket of fail”. LOL, I’m so gonna be using that from now on.

Finding out that Callen once posed as a magician… erm I mean illusionist.

The handheld camera work on the foot chase. Very exciting.

Smiling as soon as Callen asked if the team had seen Craig’s backup. Oh yeah, he’s so going in.

Sam making the distress word “abracadabra”. LOL.

Callen coming face to face with the real Nathan Wilson and figuring out a way to spin it. Oh man, he is so good.

Practically needing a new pair of skivvies myself after that test they gave Callen. Whew.

Deeks playing video games with the little boy. Aw.

Hetty being referred to as the Dutchess of Deception.

Callen finding a use for the syringe after all. I’m with Sam, that wasn’t bad for a magician… erm illusionist.

Hetty’s drawer full of I. D.’s. Nice.

Overall I liked how they worked in the theme of lying throughout this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, from everyone having to lie to their family and friends (if they have any) on a regular basis, to Emma lying to her husband for so many years. I am also liking how the addition of Deeks allows for two teams now. Whereas before someone was always stuck with the rookie; now they can work more efficiently as a group and get more done.

What did you think of the episodes? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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