MODERN FAMILY “The Old Wagon” Review


Letting go is the theme of “The Old Wagon” episode of MODERN FAMILY. The Dunphys take their ancient station wagon for one last spin before selling it. Gloria is stung when Manny turns down trans fats for a girl, and Jay and Cameron team up to keep Mitchell away from tools and thus alive.

“Sources say she’s been barhopping like a coked-up kangaroo.” Welcome back, Modern Family. I’ve missed you, and of course Cameron reads gossip columns to Lily. Scarface is her favorite movie, after all. Love the home improvement disasters–Cam’s face when the nail gun almost does him in makes the episode and we’re not even five minutes in. “I hope he kills me because I don’t think I’d be a very inspiring disabled person.” Plus we get “That was my Vietnam–and I was in Vietnam and Mitchell with Rapunzel hair and “You`re a man, too, Cam.” Best of all–Mitchell vs. Bird, round 2. Oh, and I kind of want a princess castle just a little bit.

Oh, Gloria. You almost met your match in little Miss “Maybe we should let Manny decide.” Love that Manny, the oldest eleven year old ever, left Kelly because she ordered for him–I hate that, too. FYI–a pinch of salt is awesome in both chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Red pepper flake, too. Anyway, Gloria has the most heartfelt moments even as she wants to bitchslap an eleven year old girl. “I’m not going to let him make a step that’s going to affect him for the rest of my life. His life.” Of course Manny has a burgundy dinner jacket. “Men are all animals!” She had to let it out somewhere. Sorry, Jay.

Ty Burrell really takes one for the team when the entire garage falls on top of Phil. Of course, he’s lucky Claire doesn’t dump it all on him again for “Just because some parts of your mom aren’t what they used to be” or “Don’t apologize–I love it when you’re human.” Love his mnemonic devices and the line you can’t see because he just sold it. Julie Bowen’s pitch-perfect reactions take all of that to a whole new level, too. The Dunphys also bring the heartwarming-ish moments with the time machine. “We don`t have to do this.” “Listen to her.” Oh, Alex, you’re such a Daria. I love you so.

The car sequence from Luke feeling sick to Haley choking Phil and Claire spilling the soda to “He’s going to blow, mom” is awesome and that we get “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is just icing. Then the line of the night: “What’s the plan, Phil?” as Phil hugs the rolling car’s hood and later as the kids laugh at their parents. Love Phil’s last interview with his ad and hand motions.

No show makes me laugh like Modern Family, and “The Old Wagon” is no exception. The Emmy was well-deserved, and the show is off to another great start.

I obviously couldn’t get to every funny bit, so list your faves in the comments.

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  • Sharon

    Great review of another great episode! To be honest, I was a little nervous that it wasn’t going to be as good as last season.
    Clearly I had nothing to worry about!
    My favorite line was the Vietnam line from Jay.

    • I was a little nervous, too, I have to say. I’m so glad we had no reason. 🙂