HIM & HER “The Fancy Dress Party” Review

Him & Her

Episode 3 of HIM & HER is ‘The Fancy Dress Party’, wherein Paul throws a party for his six-year old son, Luke, who has just been released from hospital after battling Leukemia. At least, he throws a party at a nearby Wetherspoon’s while Steve and Becky lounge around the flat.

Steve spends the entire episode trying to get through to someone on the HSBC helpline. Becky deals with a particularly icky spot and takes her time getting ready. Dan visits to show off his new contact lenses (and convinces Laura that he knows real magic), and Paul eventually shows up to complain that Steve hasn’t brought the sausage rolls for the party yet. Apparently you can’t have a party without sausage rolls.

Aside from Becky squeezing her spot, this episode stayed away from gross out jokes. I assumed that this would make the episode stronger, but it didn’t really change much at all. Steve and Becky were almost the straight men of this episode for me, with Laura, Dan and Paul bringing light laughs.

Dan convincing Laura that he knew ‘real’ magic was amusing if only for Dan’s straight-faced agreement with everything Laura suggested. Levitating objects? Bringing back the dead? Apparently Dan can do it all. We should just be thankful she didn’t try to explain this to Paul.

I mustn’t forget to mention Laura’s choice of costume. Little Luke requested everyone wear something beginning with ‘P’. Becky chooses to go as a policewoman (well, she puts on a policewoman’s hat), Steve decides not to dress up at all, and Laura… Well, Laura decides to dress up as a prostitute. Did I mention Luke is six years old?

Then Paul turns up in his costume. He’s decided to go as Postman Pat, complete with a sack full of letters and a cuddly toy Jess. Paul is a strange character and easily the most interesting of them all: he’s incredibly aggressive, but clearly loves his son more than anything and is easily talked down by Becky. He’s still a complete psychopath about sausage rolls though.

Overall, not a great episode but watchable enough. It’s turning into the sort of comedy that you might throw on while you eat chips after drinking a beer or five; the type of comedy that Steve and Becky would probably watch themselves.

What did you think of Him & Her? Is it the type of comedy you go out of your way to watch? Let us know in the comments below.