Best Summer 2010 New TV Shows

Best Summer TV Shows 2010
The Fall is officially here, but before we close the book on this Summer 2010, I did want to take a look back at my favorite new TV shows of the summer. The thing is looking back on it there weren’t that many that new shows that really excited me that much, so I’ll just give you my top 4 favorites, instead of a regular top 5.

Unnatural History#1 Unnatural History

Unnatural History was without a doubt my favorite new show this summer. It was full of adventure, comedy and entertainment. What more could I ask for? If you haven’t seen it yet, you must get your hands on the DVD when it comes out and take Henry Griffin, his cousin Jasper and friend Maggie out for a spin.

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The Big C#2 The Big C

This is a close second favorite. Showtime created yet another amazing half-hour dramedy starring the wonderful Laura Linney as a woman who finds out she has cancer and decides to change her life. You might think that there isn’t much comedy is such a sad subject, but you would be wrong. The Big C approaches the subject in perfect balance juggling moments of tenderness and sadness with moments of laughter.

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Covert Affairs#3 Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs is a new addition to the USA Network and while it could be unrealistic sometimes (well actually a lot of the time), I still had lots of fun watching it. And probably the appearance of Eion Bailey in a few episodes as Annie’s mysterious ex-boyfriend, didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the show either.

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Rookie Blue#4 Rookie Blue

This is certainly not the best show that I have ever seen, but Rookie Blue won me over after one episode. I guess mixing Grey’s Anatomy with a cop show is the right formula for me.

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So these were my four favorite new shows this summer, but I’m curious as to what yours were? Are there some that I missed that you enjoyed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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