PARENTHOOD “No Good Deed” Review

Parenthood (NBC) "No Good Deed"

In the “No Good Deed” episode of PARENTHOOD, Sarah fits in a little too well at T & S Footwear, Adam gets closer to his inevitable beatification and/or breakdown, Julia runs afoul of the Mothers’ Mafia, and Crosby and Jasmine fight over Jabbar’s living arrangements.

Sarah begins her internship and within two days is going to logo meetings and taking long lunches with the boss, while Adam is stuck seething and enduring visits from a depressed Crosby and an even more depressed Phil Lessing who is divorcing his wife. Even home isn’t safe because Phil’s autistic son is there, exponentially multiplying the ordinary chaos. Julia makes a bad play-date and has to walk it back while Jasmine’s chance to dance her way across Europe leaves Crosby in the cold.

Oh, Crosby, you’ve so grown on me, but do get a lawyer, not just an apartment. Crosby is absolutely right to push Jasmine to tell him what she–not her mother–wants, and what exactly is so awful about the houseboat? It`s only for a month, and Crosby deserves to stay with one of his parents. Grandparents are wonderful, but Jabbar obviously loves and needs his dad and Crosby has rights, too.

The Julia-Joel plotline of parental politics is boring, and how is it that Julia, an allegedly hotshot lawyer, doesn’t know enough to use discretion, and I don’t know, not tell a woman her daughter is a brat causing bad blood? Yay to the continuity of Joel building a desk, though, and that is a world-class guilt trip he lays. Kudos.

Adam and Kristina were both evidently born without the ability to say no. Kristina was near her breaking point with Max more than once last season. Now she’s okay with Noel there for hours and hours on end? And that’s not even getting into the fact that Phil and Suze are getting divorced because Suze wouldn’t stop thinking about Noel but now that the marriage is done, she’s leaving him just fine. I understand and appreciate being nice and supportive, but this is more like some sort of compulsive need to be everything to everyone, and that never works. If I were Adam or Kristina I would have been tempted to stay in that car forever.

Sarah really doesn`t do halfway. She tries so (too) hard and means well, but she does it in such a self-involved way that she can’t see how her actions affect others or pick up signals that she`s overstepping. She’s just so lost and needy that I want to simultaneously hug and shake her while driving her to a therapist. I do love her fight with Adam, though, because it’s so raw and real. I was proud of Adam telling Sarah that he didn’t want her to carpool with him or discuss his personal life, but hen he had to ruin it by getting weird about creepy Gordon (Has the word awesome ever sounded so disturbing? The dude even ruins chocolate pudding.) and going for the jugular. “It’s not a bar.” Ouch. Of course Sarah quits on the spot and has a tantrum in front of her kids and parents. Then Adam apologizes and she’s Bubbles McBubbly again. There really is medication for that, you know.

A couple of necessary fights liven up this episode, but Parenthood needs to re-integrate the kids and Zeek and Camille–just focusing on the siblings makes the show too shallow and magnifies their more irritating traits. Also, please make Gordon go away.

What did you think of “No Good Deed?” Does anyone else miss storylines with the kids?

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