NCIS “Spider and the Fly” Review

NCIS "Spider and the Fly" Review

I’m not a nail biter but there were moments in this season premiere of NCIS, called “Spider and the Fly”, that had me ready to start. The episode begins right where the finale ended off and we see that Jackson got away from Paloma. Fast forward a few months and Jackson is now living with Gibbs and under constant protection. Everyone has been hunting for Paloma but they haven’t found her yet. Back at the office, Gibbs has McGee and Ziva out working leads, which means that he and Tony are back to a two man team for a little while.

When two bodies are found near a chopper and the cockpit camera shows that Paloma was on the aircraft, Gibbs brings McGee and Ziva home to work the new lead. Missing for months after getting shot in an ambush in Mexico that Tony had been unable to prevent, Franks suddenly shows up on Gibbs’ doorstep. He tries to convince Jackson that sitting around is getting them nowhere, but when the threats get too close to home it’s Gibbs who decides that enough is enough and sets a deadly trap for Rivera. The man is in the U. S. trying to convince everyone that he wants to help capture his sister but he’s really there gathering info for her. When brother and sister fall for the ruse, Rivera ends up shooting and killing his own sister.

My favorite bits…

Jackson pulling the Winchester on Paloma and telling her he wasn’t like his son. his son was like him. Oh hell yeah!!

LOVING the new credits! Especially the fact that the old Charger is in them. It’s about time we got new credits again. I was so disappointed when they didn’t update them last season like they had every other season.

Tony watching the footage of Franks getting shot and Rivera getting away, knowing he’d been unable to prevent either from happening.

Tony asking if they were going to Arizona when Gibbs asked him to saddle up. It’s a private joke, but I gotta say that made me laugh pretty hard (some of my friends will know why).

Giggling when the horse nudged McGee and Tony called him McMountie.

Palmer interrupting Ducky’s reminiscing with some reminiscing of his own. Oh yes, he’s learning from the best, Palmer is.

Tony getting emails from his father that had me wondering what the “situation” was.

Ziva reassuring Tony that she did not have tan lines.

Tony’s first tv reference of the year… The Wonder Twins! Awesome.

Laughing so hard at the way Frank’s said “I got better”. I guess that means Gibbs must have told him the story about Fornell faking his death a few years ago.

Abby asking her silent bodyguard for his opinion on neck collars.

McGee’s happy smile when Gibbs finally welcomed him home. Aw.

Cringing as soon as Gibb said that things couldn’t get any worse. Oh man. Doesn’t he know that’s a surefire way to make things worse??

Tony and McGee getting back to their normal routine of bickering while working a crime scene together. It must work for them because they always find good clues.

Gibbs telling Franks that it was hard to take him seriously since he kept getting “body parts blown off”. LOL!! Oh Gibbs, you slay me.

Both Gibbs and Vance stepping forward when Rivera made a veiled threat to Abby.

Gibbs walking Abby to her car. So sweet.

Abby and Ducky finding the Day of The Dead dolls on their cars. Figures Paloma would only threaten the team members that don’t carry guns. Oh yeah, real brave. I’d like to see her going after Tony, Ziva or McGee.

Tony giving Vance the pinky eye wink when he walked out the door. Nice!

Screaming “NO WAY!” at my television when I saw that Rivera had shot his sister.

Gibbs taking time off to help his father fix up the store.

Vance hiding away Abby’s report proving that Gibbs had Reynosa.

Vance getting a text from Eli David about..????

Maybe it’s just a serious case of NCIS withdrawals, but I absolutely loved this episode. It was intense but still broken up with some humor. Tony wasn’t overly silly, just silly enough, the team worked well together, they set up some nice little mysteries (what’s up with Tony’s dad? What’s up with Vance and Eli David?) and oh man, that ending just blew me away. Talk about not pulling any punches. When Gibbs decides to deal with a problem, he really deals with it.

Is it next Tuesday yet?

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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