MELISSA & JOEY “Up Close & Personal” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Spies & Lies"This week’s episode of MELISSA & JOEY was rather disappointing. Not enough for me to hate it or stop watching, but enough for me to wonder about the longevity of the show. First, the episode showed a little too much of Lennox, certainly not the strongest character in the bunch and not enthralling at all. Also, the premise seemed forced. Finally, the introducton of a new character, Stephanie, without any background or explanation fell flat as well.

The main plot from this week’s Melissa & Joey focused on Mel’s attempts to fix her ailing approval rating after a mishap with a duck that dove toward Mel but failed to duck and ended up in a bloody mess. To make amends, Mel became instrumental in getting funding for two animal shelters. However, when the council president goes on TV to announce the new shelters, he fails to mention Mel’s involvement at all. This causes Mel to look for any opportunity to advance her self image. Luckily her assistant or “new character whom we don’t know her purpose yet”, Stephanie, knows someone on Toledo Today who is willing to interview Mel. Joey warns Mel about wayward interviews and quotes taken out of context, but Mel is confident she can “control the message.”

Unfortunately, the reporter finds Mel’s message a bit too controlled a/k/a boring. She thinks the real story is at Mel’s house with the children and the innocent victims of the Ponzi scheme. Joey definitely doesn’t think inviting a reporter into the home is a good idea, but pretty much stays out of it as long as they stay out of his business. Again, with Mel feeding the children lines, the interview falls flat. The reporter convinces Mel that they need to talk to Joey, the manny. Joey agrees to answer two questions, but soon is warming up to the flattery, the flirting and the reporter herself. Mel gets mad at Joey for stealing her spotlight and sulks around.

The end result is not pretty. Stephanie finds out that the Toledo reporter plans on characterizing Mel as a career driven obsessed woman who needs a manny to take care of everything at home. So, pretty much the truth, but rather harsh. Stephanie is scared to tell Mel presumably because she will be fired. Not knowing where she came from or how long she has been there, I am not sure if that is a bad or good thing. I know I wouldn’t miss her. Her character was rather grating. In any event, Joey intervenes to save the day.

Joey takes the reporter some more secret sauce and convinces her via some phone videos that Mel is big hearted and not some she devil blinded by ambition. It probably doesn’t hurt that Joey is also big hearted, handsome and willing to share his sauce over dinner for two. All is well that ends well until Stephanie accidentally lets it slip that Joey convinced the reporter to change the story. A miffed Mel quickly realizes that Joey takes care of her and just like in the cartoons, a light bulb seems to go off. Mel is then seen coming home with dinner and practicing opening lines to say to Joey. Much to her dismay, Joey brought home the reporter whom he is kissing. Mel calls Stephanie and has dinner at the office.

This episode seemed lacking and kind of forced. As I feared, we will be going in the unrequited love between Mel and Joey direction. Only, it has occurred much more quickly than I anticipated. Where does the show go from here? Does Mel give up only to find Joey has undiscovered love for her? Will they always just be a few minutes short? Why couldn’t we just enjoy them more as a platonic couple?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Melissa and Joey? Do you share my same gripes? And does anyone have insight into this Stephanie girl or what happened to the last assistant whose name I can never remember? Share your theories, thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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