LIFE UNEXPECTED “Parents Unemployed” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Parents Unemployed

Thankfully LIFE UNEXPECTED returns with a more familiar style in its second episode “Parents Unemployed”. But the quirky nontraditional family has become a traditional dysfunctional family. The episode is a bit slow and rather awkward, though I suspect the addition of new characters, along with the interactions of old and new characters, will take some getting used to.

Cate looks for a new job and is offered a position to produce the Ryan and Kelly show. Cate and Baze learn that Lux is failing school. The principal encourages them to participate more in school activities and suggests Cate speak at career day. Lux is instructed to pass her English midterm, which she does. Baze interviews for an opening at his father’s management firm with business woman Emma (Emma Caulfield). At first rejected, Baze returns to get the job after demonstrating his commitment and motivation. Lux and her teacher Eric deal with their kiss and their feelings.

It would have been nice to see at least a day of wedded bliss for Cate and Ryan. Instead we are treated to a sulking Cate, a delinquent Lux, and the same old adolescent Baze. As for Ryan, we have to take whatever comes out of his mouth with a grain of salt after learning he is keeping secrets. Still this episode of Life Unexpected has a nice message of living life in the present so that you are ready for what comes at you. When you are focused on “if only” and “what if” situations, you may miss opportunities. And so we have all three of them trying hard not to focus on what could be, but on what should be. Cate considers taking a job that she really doesn’t want. Baze who cleans up nicely admits to himself that he does want to succeed. And Lux, well I’m not sure about what is going on with her. She stole the test answers, so I guess we assume that she uses them to pass the test. But the action seems so uncharacteristic of Lux. I never imagined Lux as unambitious and boy crazy, and certainly not a cheating thief. And while I previously have found Cate to be really shrill, she is becoming less so compared to Lux, who is already grating on my nerves in just two episodes. I wonder if Lux’s character has been purposefully changed from season one, or if it is just a depiction of so-called teenage rebellion. Thank goodness Eric is at least feigning some restraint. Teachers did not look like that when I was in school, or even were they that young. I hope giving up Baze’s apartment means that he’s not going into forbidden territory with Lux. Bring back Jones and Bug!

What are your thoughts on episode 2 “Parents Unemployed” of Life Unexpected?