FRINGE “Olivia” Season 3 Premiere Advance Review

FRINGE "Olivia" Advance Review

Our long nightmare is over, FRINGE is back! I was able to get an early view at this season’s premiere episode, and once again I am J.J. Abrams bitch. Check out my spoiler free advance review of “Olivia”.

Where Season 2 Left Off:

As the Fringe team tried to get from the alternate universe, Olivia was knocked out and replaced by her alternate (who we’ll call Bolivia). When the team arrives back home, Walter and Peter reconcile their differences. In the meantime, Bolivia makes contact with her home universe and awaits instructions.

What about Olivia? The last we saw of her, the alternate universe’s Water (call him Walternate) had her locked away in a prison cell. Which is where this season picks up…

What Happens to Olivia:

In “Olivia” we learn what has been happening to Olivia since the Fringe team went back. Held captive in a universe that’s not her own, she is still trying to get back home any way she can. When an opportunity to leave captivity arises, she is confronted with the differences between the alternate universe and her own.

Back home, Peter works to wrap up the investigation into their travel between universes, while Walter and Bolivia share a little bonding time.

Thoughts About “Olivia”:

Holy crap, the writers outdid themselves in “Olivia”, the opening 10 minutes were AMAZING. That scene had me locked in from the start and set the tone for a great episode. Anna Torv’s performance was spot on and the dialogue was excellent. If Torv or the Fringe writers win an Emmy next year, this is the scene that will do it.

This episode is a prime example of why J.J. Abrams and team are the best at Sci-Fi television. Whatever you thought this episode was going to be about, I will guarantee you that you will be surprised at how it pans out. What happens to Olivia in this episode is so well put together that it should setup the rest of the season for her character in a spectacular manner.

Another great aspect of this episode was that we get to see more of the alternate universe. Fringe’s alternate universe is so full of rich details that you find yourself watching (and in my case rewatching) just so you can catch those differences. (HINT: Look at the ad on the roof of the cab in the alternate universe – it’s a great little twist) Also loved that they brought back the red, alternate universe Fringe opening sequence, it really helps set the stage for which universe we are looking into.

I can’t wait to see how Fringe will balance the stories that are happening in both universes. It seems like things could get complicated very quickly, but I have faith that they won’t let it get out of hand. I also am interested to see how Bolivia tries to get settled in to her new universe. It has to be difficult for her to act like Olivia when there are people around her who knew her so well.

Fringe’s season premiere episode, “Olivia”, airs September 23 on Fox at 9 PM. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

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