EXCLUSIVE: NIKITA Star Tiffany Hines Interview

Tiffany Hines

The CW’s new show NIKITA is heating up and to get some hints about what’s to come, Daemon’s TV talked to Tiffany Hines (Bones, 10 Things I Hate About You), who plays new Division recruit Jaden.

Tiffany talked about what’s ahead on Nikita, what we can expect for and from Jaden, and what other shows she absolutely loves.

Enjoy what the fun and lovely Tiffany had to say and make sure to keep (or start) watching Nikita on the CW Thursday nights at 9pm/8 central. You can also keep up with all our Nikita coverage here.

We’ve seen the premiere episode of ‘Nikita’ and we already know it’s going to be a twisty ride. Is there anything that you can tease?

Tiffany Hines : Lets see. A couple of little teasers. Jaden and Alex are going to get even more heated. So you have that to look forward to and then also you’re going to discover more past. They’re going to do some more flashbacks and give you some more history on a few of the characters at Division. So you get to learn what’s happened that brought them to the place that they’re at now.

I like the way the show splits the story between The Division and the Nikita stories so that we have everyone’s stories –

Tiffany Hines : Yeah. I was really thrilled when I read the pilot because it seems like in the past they’ve always done the Nikita in Division. So to split it with her in the future where she’s now in a place where she’s escaped and trying to take them down and then they’re showing the new generation; I think that’s also kind of poetic because it is a new generation of kids that may not necessarily know about the other ‘Nikitas’. So we’ve got the new Division where we keep with that, continuing that them but with a new generation of kids. And then we’ve also continued with the old Nikita with her in the future. So I thought that was neat.

Jaden seems to be quite the little badass –

Tiffany Hines : Ha! Yes, she is.

What can you tell us about Jaden that we don’t necessarily know yet?

Tiffany Hines : Well, I think what people don’t know, just after one episode, is that there’s more to Jaden than just being badass. She’s not just angry all the time. You have to remember that she has been there for two months and she’s had a really hard life. She’s grown up on the streets and she’s had to be hard to survive, to pull a quote. She just had to be hard her whole life. Tom is the kind of person that will take anyone under his wing. Keep in mind that she’s had this temper, she’s been at Division and I’m sure that there was probably one point where she probably lost her temper. Division is the kind of place where if you don’t stay in line then you’re going to die. So I’m sure that Tom has kind of been there for her, helped her along on this ride. Then in comes Alex and she’s stepping on Jaden’s territory and Jaden is going to do what anyone would if someone tried to come in and take their territory. She’s going to defend it. So that’s where that stems from. But we’re going to start to see the other side of Jaden, why she comes out hard all the time. She does have that softer side underneath. It’s just that she protects it very fiercely with these walls. But as the season progresses we’re going to start to see those walls come down. So it’ll be interesting to see that dynamic as we keep going through the season.

Are we going to get much of Jaden’s back story or does it not matter to the current story?

Tiffany Hines : At some point – we’ve got some amazing writers – they’re going to look at everyone’s story. Whether or not we’re able to fit that into the first season I don’t know. We have a lot of characters and there’s a lot of history there. But they’re definitely going to keep you guessing just like that did that first episode. What you see may not be what you think see. So you’ll constantly be guessing. You’ll constantly be learning about their histories and all I can say is just keep watching.

You mentioned that Jaden and Alex are going to get ‘heated’. Does that mean we’re going to get to see some good fight scenes?

Tiffany Hines : Oh, yeah. We’ve got a couple really, really intense ones coming for you. By the time this airs you will have seen one and we’ll just called that the appetizer to the real fight. So those were a lot of fun to film. Action has always been my favorite to watch but I never knew how they actually went about filming it. It’s intense. We want it to be authentic. So we want to do as much of the fighting as we can without any of our doubles coming in. So in order to do that, in addition to filming our other scenes we also have to incorporate days and hours of training with fight and stunt coordinators and with our doubles. When I say hours and hours I’m talking hours and hours. You get up the next day and there’s a moment when I go to sit up in the morning sometimes and I just sigh and I think, ‘Okay, how long is it going to take me today to sit up?’ I feel like an old woman. My arms don’t want to move. But it’s so much fun to learn everything and to do everything and then when we have the finished final product and we see how all of our hard work paid off it’s really thrilling.

Jaden was already itching to go out even though she’s only two months into her program. What are the chances that she’s going to get to go out this season?

Tiffany Hines : I think pretty good. We’ve got to wait and see but as long as she can stop getting in trouble, because that doesn’t help; the fighting with Alex, unfortunately it’s really hard if someone says the wrong thing to her for her to keep her mouth shut. So she has a tendency to go off at the mouth and at Division they don’t take lightly to that. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. But she’s working, trying to get out there. Tom is out there and this episode Alex gets her shot. I wouldn’t by lying if I said she wasn’t a little jealous. She wants to get out there so badly and it seems like everyone is going out but her. In due time she will get her shot.

Are we going to see any interactions between Jaden and Michael or Amanda? I love Melinda Clarke.

Tiffany Hines : Yeah, eventually. They’re all important Jaden’s development. Obviously at some point she will have to be Amanda. We haven’t actually met but I would be interested to see how she will relate to Amanda because she is so hard and Amanda is so flawless and carries herself so perfectly. I think that would be an interesting exchange. Then as far as Michael, him as well, I think he has a protective nature towards all the recruits. So we definitely will see some interaction with them as well.

Are there any other TV shows out there that you’d like to guest star on?

Tiffany Hines : I’m itching for two shows. My absolute favorite show is ‘True Blood’. I was a huge Charlaine Harris fan before the show even came out and I believe that it was the first of a lot of the vampire [shows]. There was ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and then obviously ‘Twilight’ but I’m pretty sure that they were first to come out. I was just so excited when Alan Ball did that. Then I was shocked because I had read all the books. I thought, ‘Okay. He’s either going to follow them or he’s not and I’m going to hate it.’ Then he followed it but he likes to take creative license but when he does take creative license I absolutely love it. He keeps us guessing, the fans of the book. I’m so hooked on that show. So, that one, and then also because I sing I would love to be on ‘Glee’. I know every actor says that but all of us wants to be on ‘Glee’, everyone. This thing can go for another twenty seasons and all of us want to be on that show.

For people who have been silly enough not to watch ‘Nikita’ yet what reason would you give them to tune in?

Tiffany Hines : I would just say that it’s not what you would expect. It’s going to keep you guessing. It takes a brand new approach to the franchise that’s been done over the course of all these years. It does a brilliant job of borrowing the tent pieces from the past one but making it’s name by doing something completely different than you wouldn’t expect. I really love our writers. I think they continue to keep you guessing. I love reading the scripts that come in and I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy doing it.

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