WEEDS “Boomerang” Review

WEEDS (Showtime) "Boomerang"

Things for the Botwins go from bad to worse with a detour through weird in the “Boomerang” episode of WEEDS. We pick up where “Bliss” left off, with Nancy and Andy being confronted by cops while holding bags of trimmings. Their minivan is booted, so they decide it’s time to leave Seattle. Nancy heads to the hotel to pick up some under-the-pillow hash payments but has to fight fellow maid Latrice for them. Just when Nancy thinks she has everything arranged for a quick getaway, she gets back to the motel to find Cesar and Ignacio (along with Doug the hostage), Latrice and her boyfriend, and Shane’s mommy group accompanied by the police. We end with Shane captured and Nancy mid-nervous breakdown.

Andy wants Nancy to release him from the hope that they will ever be together, and their discussion of whether or not Nancy is saving Andy by not sleeping with him or whether or not Andy has the power is simultaneously funny and sad. Andy really should have run far, far away when he had the chance, but he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t have that kind of power, leaving him “sexless in Seattle.” Nancy admitting she’s afraid Andy would leave if she released him is about as honest as she’s ever been with him, and it’s a nice moment even if she didn’t get him a fish sandwich of contrition or penance fries. He did get to slap her drink away, and that’s something.

Nancy is far from the “I get shit done” high she had at the end of “Bliss.” You can see her nerves fray the worse things get and she even makes a naked Andy to deal with questions about Stevie while she tries to find Shane. Nancy is often a less than likeable character with all her self-delusion, manipulations, and horrible parenting, but Mary Louise Parker sells it all and I could practically feel Nancy’s terror when she heard Shane was taken.

Poor Silas. He finally finds something he loves in college and it’s yanked away. Nancy even convinces him to steal his girlfriend’s car. I admire his sense of loyalty, but holy moly, does he need to break away. He and Shane have a great lunch scene with Shane’s “You’re the blond sheep of the family. I think you were adopted.” Shane has his hands full with his mommy group, who is well aware something is amiss in the Newmans. The little sociopath is more than ready to blackmail all of them, of course, and he’s still joking about killing Pilar.

Doug has gone from useless to irritating, but God apparently saved him, so we’re stuck with him. I hope we can wrap up his hostage subplot soon, especially since Cesar and Ignacio now have Shane. That should be quite the confrontation next week when Mama Bear Nancy gets to them.

As always, Weeds has some hilarious lines and the Nancy-Andy interaction is excellent, but “Boomerang” is too scattered and uneven for me. Maybe the confrontation over Shane and move from Seattle will help, but I’m afraid Weeds is becoming a caricature of itself.

What did you think of “Boomerang?” Who really has the power–Nancy or Andy?

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