Top 5 Best New Fall 2010 TV Shows

Fall 2010 Top 5 TV Shows

The Fall 2010 TV Season officially starts this week and we at Daemon’s TV thought we would give you our top 5 favorite new TV shows this season. These are the five shows that we think are worth a look this Fall.

Raising Hope (FOX)#1 Raising Hope

Of all the new shows premiering this Fall, if we could only pick one it would be Raising Hope. It has a really dark humor, which is absolutely hilarious. We love it.

Sandie – Of all the new pilots I have seen, Raising Hope is the only one I watched more than once, which I rarely do even for other shows. If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first one, I have high hopes that this could become my new Malcolm in the Middle (FYI – I adore Malcolm in the Middle I can watch it over and over again). This has a season pass for me, no doubt.

EricRaising Hope is one of those funny and quotable shows that don’t need big guest stars or gimmicks to stay funny. Best new show this season.

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Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)#2 Hawaii Five-0

Lots of action, lots of fun. If you are looking for pure entertainment this Fall, don’t look any further, Hawaii Five-0 is it.

Sandie – I had never seen the original series, but I’m up for the adventure. The pilot had tons of action and was very entertaining. What more could I ask for? Ok, well maybe the fact that it stars Alex O’Loughlin doesn’t hurt.

Eric – Scott Caan definitely sealed the deal for me. His comedic timing is just on point. The man should do stand-up. Plus the stunts and production value just bring the whole thing home for me.

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No Ordinary Family (ABC)#3 No Ordinary Family

After a family survives a plane crash, they find that they have some new powers. Yes, we have seen ordinary people with superpowers before, but this new version has a lot more humor and we don’t think there can ever be enough superhero shows (especially good ones).

Sandie – I didn’t love the pilot as much as I hoped I would, especially because I loved the concept, but I enjoyed it enough to keep me coming back. Plus I am hoping that future episodes get better.

Eric – It’s good to see Michael Chiklis back and I think that he might be the right guy for the job. I especially like his scenes with Romany Malco (Weeds, 40 Year Old Virgin).

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The Defenders (CBS)#4 The Defenders (Sandie’s Pick)

Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belusci make an incredible team of Las Vegas defense attorneys. You might be surprised by how fun this show is. And even though I’m not usually a procedural fan, I’m definitely going to keep it on my schedule for now.

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Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC)#5 Detroit 1-8-7 (Eric’s Pick)

I was really surprised when I watched the pilot episode of Detroit 1-8-7, in a good way. I was expecting a boiler plater boring procedural and instead got an original, thoughtful and compelling show. The show is a mix of Southland splashed with a hint of Monk and the realism of NYPD Blues. Love it.

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Special Mention:

The Walking Dead (AMC)The Walking Dead

While we haven’t seen the first episode for The Walking Dead, as fans of the comic book and betting on AMC’s quality shows, we felt the need to give it a special mention. This is our most anticipated new show, and we think you should keep an eye out for it when it premieres on October 31.

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