THE GATES “Bad Moon Rising/Moving Day” Review


Last night ABC gave us two episodes as the first season finale of THE GATES. Unlike some other shows that have done the two episodes back to back thing, these two episodes actually worked pretty well as a two-parter.

In the first, called “Bad Moon Rising”, Frank and Vanessa Buckley throw a big anniversary party, only it’s not your typical shindig. Deciding that he’s getting a little old and worn out to be married to a forever young vampire, Frank asks his wife to end the evening by turning him. This creates quite the controversy as the werewolves see it as him choosing sides with the vampires and they don’t know if they can trust him any longer. Sarah, still reeling from the news that some of the residents of The Gates are of the supernatural variety, goes to the party unknowingly under the influence of Devon’s tea. The next morning she wakes up to discover that she doesn’t remember the previous day at all and to her horror, finds out that she gave Frank the poison that killed his wife when she drank his blood.

The wolves get wind about Frank’s blood and once it’s out that there’s a surefire poison for vampires, the hunt is on. All of it becomes too much and Frank decides the only solution is to take matters into his own hands and sadly kills himself.

My favorite bits…

Devon trying to tell Sarah that she was one of the “normal” people and she could trust her. Ha!

The way the image of a knife stabbed through a deer heart on the Buckley’s’ door was used as a metaphor for other symbols of hatred by people who dislike others of different races or religions.

Nick getting smart and calling in the alpha male to deal with a bad werewolf.

After finding out all of the ingredients in the poison and that one of them was Claire’s blood, Dylan telling his wife that he would have made the same deal with Devon to protect their family.

Finally finding out what Devon has been up to all along, with all of the odd things she’s been doing (you know, like cutting out a guy’s eyeballs a while ago).

The coach going to Dylan and Claire to warn them that the wolves had found out about Buckley’s blood.

Dylan and Claire deciding to go after Devon, before any of the other vampires found out it was her blood that helped create the poison.

In the second episode, “Moving Day”, Sarah can’t handle her part in Vanessa’s death and knowing that they may not be safe because of it, the Monohan’s decide it’s time to leave The Gates. As soon as his parents tell him to pack, Charlie runs off to be with Andie, not knowing that Brett has watered down her medicine, making her kiss deadly once again. The two of them take off to the woods to hide, with Nick in hot pursuit and Lexie and Brett on their way to warn them about Andie’s medicine. But it’s too late and by the time everyone gets there, Charlie is nearly dead and Andie is screaming.

Devon has a vision that Charlie is going to need her help and even though she’s on the run from every vampire in The Gates (including Dylan and Claire), she heads back to help. Dylan and Claire catch up to her, but before they can kill her, Nick shows up and begs them to allow her to help his son. The vamps show up en masse to stop them but Dylan and Claire fight them off long enough for Devon to get back to Charlie. She warns them that her help will come from dark arts and there will be consequences, which we see are quite serious when Charlie does wake up well.. but also with new supernatural powers and the ability to throw his father across the room with nothing but his eyes. Yikes.

My favorite bits…

Devon’s shocked and sad response to the news that Frank had committed suicide. I didn’t expect that.

The way Dylan kicked in the door to Devon’s hotel room.

Jumping out of my skin when Devon showed up at Sarah’s house.

Andie’s father calmly telling Nick that if his daughter doesn’t take her medicine, she could kill his son.

Lexie finally telling Brett that she’s in love with him.

The vamps showing up to kill Devon and Dylan and Nick prepping themselves for battle.

Kind of being disappointed that we didn’t get to actually see the vamp on vamp battle in the rain. Sure it was interesting to see it all from Devon’s point of view inside the car but c’mon, I wanted to see some action!

Devon killing Charlie in order to work a reviving spell on him. Oh man, was that hard to watch.

Marcus sneaking into Leigh’s place and finding her secret box.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good season finale and as it left lots open for next season, I really hope we get a season two of The Gates. Dylan and Claire on the run, not to mention Nick and Sarah having to deal with a son with supernatural abilities, it all makes for lots of fun next year.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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