Lee Tergesen Cast in CASTLE

Lee Tergesen

Former Oz castmember Lee Tergesen has been making the rounds on some good TV shows recently. He appeared in the season finale of Lie To Me, as well as episodes of Law and Order: SVU, House, Army Wives, Royal Pains and Criminal Minds.

According to the The Ausiello Files, the versatile actor has now been cast in a possibly recurring role as the big baddie in this season’s Castle. Tergesen is set to play a character named ‘Gates’, a hardened felon who will be the main suspect when Beckett and Castle find themselves on the trail of a lunatic serial killer known as ‘The Triple Killer’ or ‘3Xk”.

Executive producer, Andrew Marlowe had this to say about The Triple Killer:

“He’s going to be somebody that really ends up challenging Beckett and Castle. Castle and Beckett have cracked every case that they’ve been on, and we want to introduce somebody who is more of a worthy opponent to Beckett’s police skills and
Castle’s story skills.”

Castle begins its third season on tonight, September 20 at 10pm on ABC. Tergersen’s character is expected to show up in the seventh episode.

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