HOUSE Season 7: The Lowdown

House Season 7 Episode 2

Season 7 of HOUSE premieres tonight, September 20, at 8pm on FOX, and I’m sure everyone has tons of questions as to how Huddy will be handled this year after the incredible season 6 finale.

Well, I have seen the first two episodes from the new season of House and I can tell you that it is handled in true House fashion. The season premiere, “Now What?” starts seconds after the season finale with Cuddy and House in his bathroom. The first episode will revolve around the aftermath of the kiss and their relationship.

Of all the House episodes, this is definitely one of the best (although last season’s premiere “Broken” remains my all time favorite). It is not your typical House episode, there isn’t your typical weekly medical case, or at least House doesn’t get involved with whatever his team is dealing with, which I found quite refreshing. And even better, this first episode will have tons of humor, which will involved a neurosurgeon constantly wanting to undress himself, and Wilson thinking House is having new delusions. But most of all I think the best part of the premiere is that we’re seeing a softer side of House and Cuddy as they learn to deal with each other in different ways.

Which leads us to episode two, “Selfish?” It’s back to business as usual, or is it? While we do get our regular case of the week, there will be a learning curve that House and Cuddy will have to face after the event of the season premiere. That said, the good news is, House is House. Even though this season is taking a new direction with the whole Huddy story, House, and Cuddy for that matter, are still who they are, they are just dealing with a new situation. And the case of the week is pretty heartbreaking,so expect some tears, at least I know I did.

Overall, I am so unbelievably excited for this new season of House. The first two episodes prove that even with some new elements, House can still be as exciting, funny and intriguing as it has been for the last six seasons. If you have been a fan of House and are excited to see how the whole Huddy storyline is handled, I think you’re going to be very pleased. The writers should give themselves some props, because after six seasons, House is back better than ever.

So don’t miss the season 7 premiere of House tonight at 8pm on FOX. And make sure you check back for our full episode review after tonight’s episode.