HOUSE “Now What?” Review

House season 7

House and Cuddy take the morning off to enjoy and explore their new relationship. While the team struggle to keep the hospital open as their only neurosurgeon is suffering from a mysterious sickness. The team also weighs in on 13’s decision to travel to Rome for an experimental procedure that might help her disease.

The fall season has cometh and leading the charge is HOUSE. Last season left us with a possible drug relapse and kiss between the man of the hour and the very lovely Cuddy. And now we get to see the fall out, er, by which I mean the lovely aftermath… that is to say, the… honeymoon? This episode went in a lot of directions, mainly because they had a lot of possibilities to cover and negate. First off, was it a hallucination? No. Second, it’s been said repeatedly that the relationship wouldn’t work out. But who listens to those people… or themselves? Though the episode did have a naked Cuddy–several times, so part of me can’t really complain.

The medical aspect of this episode of House was a joke. Only not a funny one. I’ll cut the writers some slack as we all wanted to focus on the budding romance. But still, the medical side killed any sense of anything you might feel in the show. We didn’t care about the patient (oh, he’s sick, but not life-threatening), we didn’t care about their solutions; we simply didn’t care. Period. Even if a storyline is supposed to take the backstage to a major plot, we’re still supposed to care about what’s going on. Otherwise, they could just fill the time with a black screen and accomplish the same basic response. “Why am I watching this?”

Sadly, we know how this episode would end, much as they might try to mask it: the relationship won’t work. We’ve known that for seven years. And now we have it and we’re just waiting for the end. All in all, I’m not terribly excited about the new season based on this episode. House wasn’t House, we lost 13, and there’s at least two more awkward episodes between we can move on from the relationship.

And if you felt this episode was short, that’s because it was. Barely 40 minutes, to be exact. That means there were 20 minutes of commercials, fully a fifth of the hour. And this was the season OPENER. As if television wasn’t rush enough these days. Soon we’ll have commercial-sized episodes… oh wait, we already do.

I’m probably being overly pessimistic, which is how I roll. What did you all think of the season 7 opener of House “Now What?”?