GLEE “Audition” Season 2 Premiere Advance Review

Gleeks, I hope you’re ready for all new episodes of GLEE! I was lucky enough to preview the season premiere, “Audition,” and I think they kick off season 2 as only Glee can. The episode is packed with performances, dramatic new rivalries, some priceless zingers from Sue Sylvester, and Mike Chang’s abs. Without giving too much away, let me tell you what I can about the season 2 premiere.

The episode gets off to a hilarious start thanks to Jacob, as he catches us up on what the New Directions members have been doing over the summer. His intro is full of inside jokes and nudge nudge, wink winks at the audience (am I the ONLY one who loves it when Mr. Schue raps?).

One thing the episode makes clear is that, even though the members of New Directions have more confidence in themselves, the rest of the school still thinks they’re major losers. This is a problem because they need to recruit some new members if they want to compete with Vocal Adrenalin and make it to Nationals, which will be held in New York.

Speaking of new members, I really like the new cast members Glee has added this season. There’s the new female coach of the football team Coach Beiste played by Dot Jones (apparently Ken Tanaka had a nervous breakdown). Beiste gets off to a bad start with Sue and Will, leading the two frenemies to form an unlikely (but hilarious!) partnership.

Also new to the cast is the cute football player with the Justin Bieber haircut, Sam, played by Chord Overstreet. And then there’s international singing sensation Charice, who guest stars as the new foreign exchange student from the Philippines, Sunshine Corazon. She looks like she’s twelve-years-old and initially I wasn’t too impressed, but, wow, the girl can SING.

As for our favorite couples, unfortunately, there’s no sign of Emma in this episode, but be on the lookout for a new couple that hooked up over the summer. Rachel and Finn shippers will be happy to know that they are still dating after getting together in last season’s finale. The real question is, will their jealousies/insecurities end up killing their relationship?

I had heard that Glee plans to scale back their musical performances this season, but I didn’t get that vibe at all from the first episode. It’s packed with music (I counted at least 5 songs). You’ve probably seen them doing Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” in all the promos, but there’s also a Rachel/Sunshine duet, Sunshine sings a solo from Dreamgirls, and Sam sings with the other Glee boys.

I loved the Glee premiere and I don’t think my fellow Gleeks will be disappointed. My feeling from this episode is that Glee is going to focus more the relationships and rivalries between our favorite characters, and less on the over-the-top fake pregnancy type storylines. Well, except for Sue Sylvester, who only seems to have gotten more outrageous, not to mention more creative with her insults. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So don’t forget to watch the Glee season 2 premiere on Tuesday, September 21, at 8pm (note the new time). Then come back here leave a comment with your thoughts about the episode.

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