ABC’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES begins its seventh season on September 26 and to find out some details about what we can expect in the new season, Daemon’s TV talked to Josh Moore (Changeling) who plays Lynette and Tom Scavo’s precocious teen son, Parker.

Josh talked about Vanessa Williams and Brian Austin Green joining the cast, what it’s like to be on a show that changes things up each season, what’s ahead for the Scavos, and his love for playing the guitar.

Don’t forget to watch the Desperate Housewives season premiere on ABC Sunday, September 26 at 9pm/8 central and check out all our Desperate Housewives coverage here. For now, enjoy what the charming Josh Moore had to say.

I can’t believe it’s only your third season on ‘Housewives’. In my head you’ve been there forever –

Josh Moore: Yeah, right. I get that a lot.

Big changes this season. I believe that Vanessa Williams’ character was Lynette’s college roommate, right?

Josh Moore: Yeah, that’s what I think the background is there. They were friends but Lynette was a lot different back then and so it creates a little bit of a weirdness now. It’s just a big jump.

Are you interacting at all with Vanessa Williams at all on set?

Josh Moore: Yeah, definitely. I actually filmed with her yesterday, or I guess the day before, and she’s really, really great. We were just hanging out and she’s really nice. She’s a great actress and she’s really nice.

On ‘Desperate Housewives’ it seems like they make major changes every year. Is it almost like doing a new series every year?

Josh Moore: It is a little bit. It’s always different especially when you feel the affects so closely, like with Vanessa kind of staying with our family for a while, especially when there’s firsthand interaction with your character. That’s when it really feels like a different show.

She’s staying at the Scavo house?

Josh Moore: Yes. She comes in as Lynette’s old roommate and she decides to stay with us for a few days. So it’s very interesting.

That house is going to be crazy. There’s a new baby and I think I read that Parker’s grandmother is coming, too –

Josh Moore: Yeah. She’s been on set lately and that’s a really great storyline. I can’t wait for you to see that. That’s a lot of fun. She’s a great actress.

What’s coming up for Parker, any good storylines just for you?

Josh Moore: I don’t know but Parker might be getting into the ladies this year. We’ll see how that goes. I think that’s mainly what I’ve been getting so far, from the beginning of the season. That seems to be the direction, if anything, if there’s an individual storyline for Parker. So we’ll see about that.

He’s at the right age so that makes sense.

Josh Moore: Right.

Anything else you can tease for the new season and what are you most looking forward to?

Josh Moore: It’s going to be really, really great. Like you said, there’s going to be a lot of new things. It really is like every year it evolves into an almost whole new show. A lot of drama as usual. Really interesting. You definitely can’t miss it.

How did you spend your hiatus this year?

Josh Moore: I went to Texas to visit with my family which is really cool. I hung out with some friends, all that stuff. I went to New York and did a couple of things. Mostly I just try to relax when I’m hiatus. It’s hard shooting on a ten month schedule. You don’t get that much time off.

You play the guitar I understand?

Josh Moore: Yes, ma’am.

Are you thinking about a music career to go with your acting career or is that just a hobby?

Josh Moore: Hopefully, that’d be great to squeeze in a musical career. I just really love playing guitar and trumpet and a couple of other instruments. If I never got to do it professionally it’d still just be something that I love to do but it would be awesome if I could fit that in there somewhere.

What kind of musical style do you like to play?

Josh Moore: When I first started learning guitar I taught myself classic rock and I still love that. That’s really my favorite to play on guitar but I like some alternative stuff, some newer alternative stuff. I’m kind of moving out of that but classic rock is really what I love to play.

Any new projects coming up outside of ‘Desperate Housewives’?

Josh Moore: Not currently. I’ve been auditioning some and I did an independent film called ‘Touchback’ a couple of months back. Other than that, like I said, it’s really hard to fit anything else in with a ten month schedule, just filming the show a lot lately.

What’s life on the set like? Is there a lot of joking around?

Josh Moore: Oh, yeah, definitely. It’s always super fun. My older brothers on the show, the twins are great. We always like to mess around with people. It’s really kind of surreal and really great. It’s just a bunch of people hanging out and having fun doing what they do and so it’s really a great experience on the set.

What’s it like working with Felicity Huffman?

Josh Moore: It’s amazing. It’s weird. It’s just kind of like watching. Sometimes it’s just hard to focus on what you’re doing in the scene because you want to just sit back and watch her do her thing because she’s amazing and she’s a really great person, too. She’s great to talk to, very intelligent and knows a lot. She’s the best ‘Desperate Housewives’ mother you could ask for I think.

What’s coming up for Lynette this season?

Josh Moore: With the new baby she’s very stressed a lot. She has a very hard life, very busy, always on the move, kind of reaching her breaking point a lot I think.

And then her mother-in-law is there?

Josh Moore: Yeah. Then her mother-in-law is there and so it’s just a ton of things happening in her life right now.

Have you gotten to act at all with Brian Austin Green yet?

Josh Moore: I actually haven’t had any scenes with him yet. I met him at the read through. He seems like a very cool guy. So I look forward to working with him and I hope that he stays on next season. I haven’t heard any talk that he wouldn’t be. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be but you never know. People come on for one season at a time sometimes. So we’ll see.

I also read that you’re a gamer. What platforms do you play?

Josh Moore: Definitely Xbox 360. That’s my box right there. Me and my brother play that a lot and I play online with my friends and all that kinds of stuff.

What kinds of games?

Josh Moore: Well, I just started playing ‘Mafia 2’ the other day. I love that. I love all the mobster games, the normal stuff; ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Halo’, all that stuff.

Are there any other TV shows out there that you’d love to guest star on?

Josh Moore: Oh, yeah. I’d love to get on ‘The Office’. That’s my number one. If I could get on ‘The Office’ I would be set. Okay, everybody watch, first episode next week. Give a shout-out to ‘The Office’. But that and I have to admit that it’s kind of weird but good, I kind of like ‘Mad Men’. I think those would be my top two. I think everyone wants to be on ‘The Simpsons’ at one point.

What about ‘Glee’, maybe play your guitar on the show?

Josh Moore: It would be cool playing guitar. I’m not a singer. I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know how I would flourish in that environment but I’d love to play guitar in there, for sure.

Any plans for 2011?

Josh Moore: Just trying to do what I’m doing right now, do more than I’m doing right now. Just keep going on and have another great year.

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