CASTLE The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Castle Season 2 DVD

Cop, writer, hard- and soft-boiled mixed together with a seductive slice of murder. One of our favorite duos is back on DVD with the second season of CASTLE, ABC’s surprise smash hit, which lands on shelves September 21–that’s right, tomorrow!

Kicking off the season, Mystery writer Castle (Nathon Fillion) is doing a promo tour for his novel based on Detective Beckett (Stana Katic). But now that the book is completed, Castle’s purpose with the NYPD is at an end, and the two face a future without the other. Throughout the season, their relationship’s definition is tested and strained as they work past their sizable egos and see the truth staring back at them. Along with twenty-four of television’s most unusual murder victims.

The 5-disc set doesn’t have a lot of extras, maybe a half-hour total if you take your time during the menus. Fillion introduces us to some of the staff that help make the show possible in that delightful, charming way he does everything. Jon Huertas (Esposito) and Seamus Dever (Ryan) take us through the set. There are the obligatory deleted scenes and outtakes. And the writers talk a bit about their favorite murders on the show, which was my favorite out of the extras. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to extras on DVD, but it did seem a little light and there was nothing from Katic. Oh, and two awful music videos from the fake-rock star, Hayley Blue. Don’t watch those.

I love the show therefore I love this DVD. I might be biased being a novelist myself, but the show’s ratings say otherwise. Any extras are a bonus, so even without them, buying this is a foregone conclusion if you’re a fan. Remember that the DVD hits shelves September 21st, so mark your calendar and brush up on your favorite Castle mysteries before the 3rd season this fall.