90210 “Age of Inheritance” Review

90210 "Age of Inheritance"

This week’s episode of 90210 focused on Naomi’s coming of age and coming into more money than even she needs. Of course, in typical Naomi fashion she decides to throw a huge birthday bash, spur of the moment, no money spared. There are Naomi cardboard cutouts, Naomi’s face on glasses, stamps, and bags. And way too much pink.

However, this episode is also about the inheritances of other characters, albeit in other fashions. This is especially true for both Naomi and Silver. Let’s begin with Naomi, shall we? Although this is the time and, technically, the money of Naomi’s life, old lies and reputations are rearing their ugly head. Naomi is partying and spending her way into denial about this past summer’s rape. Unfortunately, that has led to some risque behavior a la attempting to have sex with Teddy. Naomi claims alcoholic amnesia and is able to smooth things over with Silver, until later when she is outed by a girl begging to get into Naomi’s party because she loaned Naomi cab money the night she attmpted to seduce Teddy. Sick of the lies all around her, Silver seeks out Mr. Cannon for some distraction. Mr. Cannon is more than happy to oblige as he has been creepily fondling the scarf Silver dropped earlier in the day and has been skeevishly checking out underage girls all day. Did you know his wife left him? Are you surprised? Also, can we stop having a psycho stalker every season? Naomi leaves during her birthday song alarmed at the news that Mr. Cannon is Silver’s advisor and that they are alone at the school, the scene of her rape. But Naomi’s past catches up with her and even after she admits to the rape, Silver doesn’t believe her. It is the old girl who cried rape too much story.

Silver has her own inheritance to bear. Her formerly studly and athletic boyfriend is broken, depressed and drinking a lot. With her own past of alcoholics, Silver begs him to shape up. He agrees but is drunk again within hours. Being a rather new alcoholic, Teddy is not well versed in how to hide evidence of his drinking, but thinks a simple lie will work. Silver is adept at spotting a lying alcoholic and is fed up. Couple the Teddy issue with the Naomi issue and I think Mr. Cannon might not have to work that hard to maneuver his way in.

What happened with the other characters on tonight’s episode of 90210?

Annie – Annie meets a boy in a cafe, Charlie, who looks remarkably like her brother, Dixon. Turns out he is someone else’s brother and is harboring a secret. Didn’t we see this plotline last season too? Naomi, high on money, gives Annie and Liam the okay to “date” which apparently is code for making out on his boat. Except it is not his boat because his was set on fire by psycho Jasper. So he has “borrowed” someone else’s boat and the rest of the date involves running from the cops. Annie has had enough of the bad boys and is gone.

Dixon– Oscar pleads with Dixon to be his friend so Dixon decides to include him in a gang trip to the local bar to drink even though they are only in high school. Things quickly get out of hand when a bachelorette party and pictures of a girl doing bodyshots off of Dixon’s stomach make its way to Facebook before Dixon can make his way to Naomi’s party just a few miles away. Just like that, Ivy is gone. Apparently Ivy is not the free spirit that her mother, Laurel, is or so Laurel tells Oscar. Oscar uses this to his advantage to weasel his way in between Ivy and Dixon and closer to Ivy’s bed. Is there anything more enticing to a swarmy player than a virgin?

Ryan – Ryan has been pestering Jen to sign paternity papers, but she has consistently refused. After going into early labor and being told that she has to be on bed rest for two months, however, she changes her mind. Mostly because she needs an assistant after her latest abused one quits and she is blackballed in the community. Ryan agrees to assist her if she agrees to sign. Then Ryan decides to move in. Will these two wild and wacky kids move past Jen’s classist issues to be a real couple after all?

That pretty much sums up tonight’s 90210. What were your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you feel like they are recyling storylines? I know that tends to happen on dramas, but this is only season 3. They shouldn’t be out of plots yet! Now, a more pressing question for you…what do you think of Silver’s hair? I am not digging it at all. Share your thoughts, ideas, concerns or favorite part of tonight’s episode in the comments below.

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