RUBICON “No Honesty in Men” Review

Rubicon (AMC) - No Honesty in Men

RUBICON brings viewers to an unexpected rest stop in tonight’s episode “No Honesty in Men”. In contrast to the usual doom and gloom, we are given a taste of romance and more character development. But will the relationships endure, considering the nature of their jobs and the current state of their lives? Things aren’t hopeful in a show that highlights lies and manipulation.

Will flatters his way into his neighbor Andy’s apartment across the street, in order to stake out his own apartment. Andy (Annie Parisse) is intrigued by Will and his situation. They see Donald Bloom breaking into Will’s place. (I apparently took Kale too literally when he told Will that Donald Bloom was dead in the episode “Look to the Ant”. Obviously he meant the Bloom clue trail was dead.)

Julia is assigned to the team while Tanya is away at rehab. Miles lets it be known that he isn’t married anymore, paving the way for him and Julia to flirt. Grant may also soon be unmarried, as we learn that his wife Lisa lost her job which leaves them in financial difficulties.

Usually instigating Will into spy action, Kale and his boyfriend Walter have an extraordinarily normal conversation about Thankgiving plans.

Katherine, who always seems to be treated as an afterthought, talks to Tom’s ex-wife and Gerald’s widow, learning about Spangler and API with help from the photo of conspiracy group members as children.

It is exciting that Will and Katherine are about to cross paths. We should finally start getting answers. This episode of Rubicon feels much more easygoing than past episodes, insofar as a conspiracy show can be easygoing. The break from the conspiracy story comes at a welcome moment, allowing us to learn about the characters’ relationships in more detail. I even think that the scenes seem literally brighter than usual (as in the use of higher wattage light bulbs, colors besides yellow and brown, and daylight). Andy is apparently a danger junkie. She is enjoying herself far too much in this life and death situation, and is turned on by the gun. Whose side is Andy on? I was suspicious of her the first time she appeared in Will’s sight, wondering if she were planted across the street by someone. Michael Cristofer playing Spangler really shows his acting ability and his understanding of his character. He pulls off the comedy with his “my cereal will get soggy” and “persistence brings vengeance” lines, yet maintains his “we take care of our own” authority and creepiness. Impressive. Kale is clearly starting to get nervous. Will and Spangler are both distrustful of him. Is he nervous for Will when he keeps asking Spangler if Will is a problem; or is Kale worried about himself? It’s unclear why Kale has made himself a target by getting involved with Will’s search for the truth about David’s death. How big of a role will Kale’s partner Walter have in the future? (The same could be asked about Andy.) By making his own decisions, Will has turned the table on Kale, who will certainly start to lose his calm control. We shall see.

What are your thoughts on episode 9 “No Honesty in Men” of Rubicon?