MERLIN “The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part 2″ Review

MERLIN The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2

The second episode of MERLIN‘s third season, ‘The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2′ is upon us. After being rescued from giant scorpions by the dragon, Merlin, still wounded from his bout with Morgause, must return to Camelot quickly to ensure her safety. Meanwhile a vast army is advancing upon the great city and with Uther indisposed thanks to Morgana’s enchantment, it’s up to Arthur to protect the city and the people from the forces trying to destroy it.

Merlin returns to Camelot and warns Gaius of Morgana’s schemes. They find Uther’s room in dishevel and Uther himself balled up in a corner. Merlin finds the enchanted mandrake and destroys it, whilst Gaius gives Uther some concoction to help him get better.

Morgause gives Morgana a magical staff with which she can attack the city from the inside whilst the army batters in from the outside. As the fighting begins, she slips away from the watchful eye of Gaius and steals into the crypts. Turns out the staff is another one of those handy dead summoners. Merlin rushes over to stop her, and they engage in a sword fight. I feel inclined to question Merlin’s righteousness. Don’t get me wrong, I love Morgana as the villain, and her villainy is how the legends go. But why is Merlin still hiding the fact that he’s a wizard from Morgana? When he had no one, Gaius took him under his wing, taught him some magic, loved him for who he was. It just so happens that the only person who treated Morgana the same way (Morgause) also wants to see Camelot fall.

Also, the fact that Uther’s insanity is brought on by visions (seriously creepy visions, creepy for adults, never mind a kids’ show) of the women and children he drowned because of their sorcery leaves me without much (if any) sympathy for the king. Maybe this is Merlin’s flaw: he’s become so guarded of his secret that he cannot let anyone know about it, even if it means leaving someone like Morgana to suffer alone. Or maybe it’s a writers’ flaw, and the writers are worried that if Merlin secret gets out to Morgana, it’s only a matter of time before she spills the beans. The show is sort of based around the tyrannical reign of Uther and the oppression of magic so to unveil Merlin’s secret would, in their minds, be the ending of the series for either he or Uther would have to die. What do you think?

Anyhow, it’s hard to believe, but Morgana spends even more time sneering and snarling in this episode than she did in the premiere. Merlin defeats her and the skeleton army is gone, but it’s really Arthur who saves Camelot. Leading his army into the fray, Arthur is responsible for winning what Merlin earlier told him would be a battle never to be forgotten. He also saves his father from death and has a few touching moments with Gwen who has still had far too few scenes for my satisfaction.

I am also happy that the writers have slipped in at least one shirtless scene with Arthur. The visual is ten times more impressive than the effects of the army, the dragon, the scorpions and the skeletons combined.

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