FLASHPOINT “Acceptable Risk” Review

Flashpoint- CBS- Acceptable Risk- Season 3 Episode 16

FLASHPOINT “Acceptable Risk” the sixteenth episode of the third season found the team confronted with the aftermath of a museum shooting. NCIS‘ Lauren Holly guest stars as the internal investigator Jill. The SRU members are sequestered to answer questions about the shocking and violent shooting.

One by one she starts asking questions of the various team members: ten dead, two wounded. The team killed the shooter, who Jill is careful to call ‘suspect’ instead of ‘subject’. Then we flash back to the beginning of the shooting when the death count was at five.

Parker is blamed for the 37 minutes it took for the threat to be contained and neutralized.

Sam, as used to dead bodies as he was from his two tours in Afghanistan, was unprepared for the shoes which littered the place. It was easier to run without the shoes, Jules told him, but this was not the reason he was so affected. It turns out Sam’s little sister was hit by a car when she stood beside him at a crosswalk, and she was hit right out of her sandals.

As the team goes through the building they find more and more hostages and bodies. Jill asks why Woody was orderedto ‘babysit’ the hostages whilst in the middle of a pursuit. She then asks Jules whether Greg Parker was responsible, which she unequivocally says ‘no’.

In the flash back, Sam finds a video on a phone which reveals the shooter is a woman.

It turns out the shooter is not a spree shooting: she’s an employee who wants vengeance on specific people. A woman on a mission: her husband had a ‘negative’ reaction to a drug the party goers at the museum was responsible for, which ultimately cost him his life. She refused to take the money offered by the company, instead opting for vengeance.

When the rest of the team realizes she’s gunning for Greg, they rush to find out what has her antagonistic toward him. Her old partner was once on Greg’s team and he was killed. She believes Greg was responsible for his death and responsible for the deaths in the museum.

It was an interesting way for a procedural show to be filmed. The outcome was already determined; the team members of the SRU are safe. It’s what happened during the rampage that is most interesting. The Brian angle of the story was unbelievable, but thanks to the usual stellar acting it was not as lame as it could have been and did not interfere with the rest of the story.

I thought it was one of the best episodes of Flashpoint this season.

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