CHUCK “Chuck vs. the Anniversary” Season 4 Premiere

Chuck (NBC) Season 4 Olivia Munn

Watch a sneak peek and browse photos of the season 4 premiere of CHUCK “Chuck vs. the Anniversary” Season 4 Episode 1 which airs Monday, September 20 at 8pm on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: CHUCK “Chuck vs. the Anniversary” Season 4 Episode 1 – Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) follow a trail to Russia as they investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries and its operative, Marco (guest star Dolph Lundgren). Back at home, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) delivers big news to her family. Bonita Friedericy also stars.

Chuck Series Summary: Action-comedy series about Chuck Bartowski – a computer geek who is catapulted into a new career as the government’s most vital secret agent. The series stars Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Adam Baldwin as John Casey, Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes — Chuck’s best buddy; Sarah Lancaster as Ellie; Ryan McPartlin as Devon Woodcomb aka “Captain Awesome”, Mark Christopher Lawrence as Big Mike, Vik Sahay as Lester, Scott Krinsky as Jeff.

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