THE LEAGUE “Vegas Draft” Review

THE LEAGUE (FX) Vegas Draft

THE LEAGUE, a show dedicated to the delicate silliness that is Fantasy Football, returned for its second season last night with “Vegas Draft.” And I believe it might have out funnied its predecessor It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The guys were back to their dudebrp antics and brought the fantasy football draft to the glorious decadence ladden town of Las Vegas. And with a guest appearance from Chad Ochocinco, they were able to pick their perfect teams for fantasy domination.

Maybe it’s a lady thang but I’ve never fully understood the interest that comes from putting together a fake team and hoping for its victory. I am also a bit confused how this can fully work with an 8 team group, but I’ll go with it. The League picks up where it left off, and that’s with the bizarre love of being part of something that doesn’t really exist. The fantasy league and the obvious competition that stems from it leads to great comedy. This go around the team was competing with last years’ champ Andre, who fashioned the league’s new trophy in his honor. He’s also the one who brought along Chad for the full effect, which ended up proving what a loser the champ is.

Couple that with a few funny moments through airport security and in a hotel VIP room in Vegas and you have The League. It’s harmless fun courtesy of dudes who could be spending their time in a much more effective way, but let’s not get in their way. A rap pulling a sample of “I’m inside myself” might just replace Antoine Dodsons “Bed Intruder” song and that’s enough right. I’m ready for the infighitng and neglecting of wives this season is sure to usher in.