THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Premiere Recap

The Apprentice Season 10

Tonight was the season 10 premiere of THE APPRENTICE. This go around, Donald Trump decided to bring in sixteen contestants that were directly affected by the recession that hit the US in 2008. We were able to learn more about each of the candidates and what them to the “toughest job interview.” So many of them were once at the top of their game and have now been out of work for months, and in some cases years, so it will be interesting to see they can do when they are able to start getting to work.

Non-ironically it opened on Wall Street and the teams, which were divided evenly into men and women, were given the task to create a modern workspace out loft spaces in Soho. They had two days, and apparently no true budget, to pull of the challenge. The men, which named themselves Octane, chose Gene an ex-Military man who is now an out of work financial planner, to run the team. The women, who titled their team Fortitude for its strength and meaning, and Nicole the attorney jumped out the pack to lead the charge. After looking at the site, Octane decided that their space will play up the loft feel and make it a green-style office space. Unfortunately, Gene wasn’t able to articulate exactly what he meant by green, which led to a bit of chaos for the team on the first day.

On the other hand, Fortitude had a similar issue with their Project Manager Nicole, who was almost too easy going when it came to delegating the tasks. The teams both met with an architectural renderer to help them develop the overall design of their spaces. Nicole was a bit nervous with this, and Gene nearly forgot the renderer was in the building. Octane definitely stood up to the plate and helped the renderer create the overall concept, and the sketches looked great. Nicole, who had a large role in the overall planning, was worried about the taste level of all the other team members, specifically Tyana.

Octane slowly broke down over the day, with fights breaking out between Clint and David overing ordering flowers and David and Gene from owning the projects. It seemed by the end of day one that this team couldn’t win at this task unless a miracle came their way. And in the other space, Fortitude was dealing with a whole lot of bickering between other members over manual labor issues, paint coloring and the lack of true delegation from Nicole. She gives in and allows Tyana to come along with renting the furniture and this helped the women get a major task done in nearly 45 minutes. And on the second day it seemed that both teams pulled it together and got things done. Gene finally commandeered the group and ran the task, which was greatly appreciated by his team. The overall look of the spaces were both not truly up to Trump’s needs, but I like the rest of the Trump clan, preferred Octane’s open and more organic workspace. It felt natural in the space, as opposed to the closed off version that Fortitude had created.

In the boardroom, Donald lets the group know that he didn’t love either design, and then the bickering began. While Octane seemed to discuss the issues they had with a calmness, Fortitude began attacking each other, specifically everyone against Nicole. When Donald finally let them know that Octane was the winner, the claws truly came out. Nicole say idly by when the ladies went on the offense, with her lack of overall direction, delegating and concept. Nicole, foolishly, brought back Tyana and Mahsa back into the boardroom to discuss why they lost. Tyana was blamed for the overall design, when she actually just picked out the furnishings. Mahsa was brought in for her unnecessary attack dog style and the fact that she wouldn’t own any of her tasks. And as the blaming continued, Nicole dug her own grave. Honestly, we could have lost any three of those women and I wouldn’t have cared. Mahsa’s abrasiveness was so unbecoming for a first task that I was actually shocked she didn’t get sent home too. Tyana, while strong with the concept, owned what she did and because Nicole didn’t – she was fired. Nicole will bounce back though; the former beauty queen will be getting a phone call from Mr. Trump in regards to his other enterprise, the Miss USA pageant.

What did you think about this season’s contestants of The Apprentice? Does this go around hit home because of the recession? And were you behind tonight’s firing?