Josh Gomez and Chris Fedak Talk CHUCK Season 4

Chuck (NBC) Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes

CHUCK begins its fourth season next week and looks to be more packed with action, laughs, and guest stars than ever. Executive producer Chris Fedak and star Josh Gomez (Morgan Grimes) recently talked to the press about what we can expect in season 4 and Morgan’s evolution as a character. There are spoilers ahead, so beware.

On season four’s big stories

The big mythology arc of the new season, will be the search for Chuck’s mom (Linda Hamilton). Chris promised it will be a big, interesting, emotional, and comic story.

Chris said that Sarah and Casey will be focusing on Alexei Volkoff, this season’s big bad, starting with chasing Dolph Lundgren’s Volkoff Organization operative character to Russia in the first episode of the season.

For anyone worried that too many people know about Chuck’s spy life, Chris assured us that while the original dynamic has changed, there will be deception, with the Buy More now being run as a CIA front and Chuck pursuing the rogue mission of finding his mom, even though he told Ellie he wouldn’t be a spy anymore.

On guest stars

Chris and Josh are both very excited about all the guest stars lined up, but no one has them more thrilled than Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton. Josh called getting Sarah Connor “huge” and Chris said that he and Josh Schwartz charmed Dalton into taking the role and said it was exciting when they sent him the show and he dug it.

Chris said that it’s great to bring back former guests like Nicole Richie and Armand Assante and that having all these stars around makes the set very exciting.

When asked who he or Morgan would want to guest star, Josh said Morgan would definitely want Optimus Prime but that he would rather get Vince Vaughn to work at the Buy More.

On Stephen Bartowski

Chris surprisingly said flat out that as much as they would love to have Scott Bakula back, Stephen Bartowski is no more. When a shocked Josh asked if he were going on record with that, Chris laughed that while he wasn’t the most trustworthy person, he was. He added that Stephen J. Bartowski died in his son’s arms.

On upcoming action scenes

The first episode of the season (“Chuck Versus the Anniversary”) has some great stuff with Russian spies, including a huge sequence in Moscow. Chris said it was fun getting into the classic Russian spy world.

The second episode (“Chuck Versus the Suitcase”) will have what Chris called on of the “best fights yet,” with Karolina Kurkova taking on Yvonne Strahovski’s Sarah during fashion week in Milan.

On the Buy More as a CIA front

Chris talked about how important it was that Chuck remain a spy show with a home life and turning the Buy More into a CIA installation makes it easier to organically fit characters like Big Mike, Jeff, and Lester into the show.

Josh told us that Morgan will be in charge of making the Buy More look and feel real.

According to Chris, the new CIA-run Buy More will bring the action and danger closer, upping the tension and allowing them to do more spy stories.

On Baby Awesome

Chris has been attending baby bump meetings and said there will be a baby episode this season, but not early on.

On Jeffster

Chris said there`s “definitely a chance” for a Jeffster performance this season, but he didn`t want to give anything away.

On General Beckman

When asked why it took so long to promote Bonita Friedericy, Chris explained that General Beckman was originally just the Charlie in the box giving out missions, but she became an important character and toward the end of season three the writers started having something strange going on whenever we saw General Beckman and they really wanted to do more of that and more with Beckman in general. Josh said he loves playing his scenes with Bonita because he thinks Morgan fancies himself a ladies man so he tries to charm General Beckman. He also said there is a great scene with Morgan and Beckman in the second or third episode where Morgan tries to show Beckman some of his world.

On the challenges of playing Morgan

Josh said that the biggest challenge has been keeping Morgan’s likeable core while having him evolve and mature. He added that it’s been a blast because it’s been almost like playing a different dude each year because of the huge evolutions Morgan has gone through each season.

Josh explained that he thinks early Morgan was just a happy guy who liked working and hanging out with his best friend and it wasn’t until he learned Chuck was a spy that he thought there could be more than that. Josh thinks Morgan, like Chuck, is just a decent guy with simple wants, and more, he thinks Morgan cares more about Chuck being happy, so he’s fine with his life taking a back seat until that happens

Josh said that Morgan does want to find love and be John Casey

On Morgan as Chuck 2.0

Chris explained that as Chuck became a better spy–not James Bond, mind you–and began to struggle with being a better spy, the writers started to funnel the fish out of water stories through Morgan.

For his part, Josh said that he is having a blast playing Morgan as he gets into situations similar to season one or early season two Chuck. He also said that while Morgan’s combat skills are still not good, he does have a skill set, albeit a bizarre one. He joked that Morgan’s vast kung fu knowledge comes in handy.

Chris said that they love Morgan in the spy world so they look forward to getting him back into missions at some point.

On Morgan and Casey

The Morgan-Casey dynamic is definitely something both Josh and Chris enjoy, so we’ll be getting more of that. Josh said that while his spy skills are lacking, he definitely wants to learn and he looks to Casey as a mentor. We’ll see Morgan try to mimic Casey, standing as he does and grunting as he does.

On Morgan’s love life

Chris teased that the heart of Morgan’s story this season will be a “forbidden love,” and Josh jumped in, saying that when Chris said forbidden, he meant “lethal.”

On a potential back nine order

As of now, NBC has only ordered 13 episodes of Chuck, and the writers are currently working on episodes 11-13. Chris wouldn’t promise closure if somehow there were no back nine episode order or if there were no season five because he said he prefers prologues to epilogues, but he did promise the thirteenth episode would be epic: exciting, satisfying, and hopefully oddly placed in the middle of the season.

On why new viewers should tune in

Chris explained that even though Chuck has a rich mythology, it is also a show you can slip into and still know what’s going on. He said that most of all, it’s a fun show: one that leaves you feeling good at the end. There’s a lot of action, a lot of laughs, and the characters are just fun to hang out with.

The fourth season of Chuck premieres on NBC Monday, September 20 at 8pm/7 central. Check out all our Chuck coverage here.

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