IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac Fights Gay Marriage” Review


The gang is back. IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA has returned and this time the gang is all over gay marriage in “Mac Fights Gay Marriage.” Mac was just trying to get pumped up at the gym, with Dennis’ account and he got all kinds of distracted by his one-time tranny love. Carmen (Brittany Daniel), Mac’s love from seasons 2 and 4, has gone all the way and is now a woman. Mac believes their special connection will bring them back together, but unfortunately she isn’t feeling the same way. And that might be because she is now married, to a dude. Mac believes this is gay marriage because she was once a dude and brings it up to the gang at Paddy’s.

Dee, Charlie, Dennis and Frank are all about gay marriage, but they can’t help but think that Mac is the one who might be actually gay since he slept with Carmen back when she was more than a woman. Mac goes on an anti gay marriage crusade, when Charlie decides it’s a brilliant idea for him and Frank to get “gay married” so he can get on his health insurance and protect him if he has another heart attack. Dennis and Dee somehow start reminiscing about lost flames from high school and decide to contact them and get reacquainted. The brother and sister duo, Maureen and Bill Ponderosa, meet up with Dee and Dennis, conveniently at a Subway to catch up. Bill puts on some weight, so Dee cuts out, but Dennis for some reason decides to marry her. Even thought she has a dead tooth and wears cat sweatshirts. The newly wed couple runs into Frank and Charlie in the Town Hall where they were in the process of trying to make their domestic partnership legal. And here is where “Its Always Sunny” shines. They are able to discuss ultra political topics without any tact, and seem to get with it each time.

Mac and his crusade against gay marriage is a brilliant way to openly discuss the silliness of opposition of it without actually calling it out. The season opener came in with a whimper, with a few strong laughs thanks to Dee’s gagging over Bill, Mac’s love of Carmen and Dennis and dead tooth, but I am hoping the starkness of the twisted humor and the plots develop just a bit more. This episode seemed to fly right by, but that could be because I have only been waiting like 7 – 8 months for this show to return for its sixth season. Sadly it didn’t have the punch of the classics like ‘Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack’ or ‘Day Man Cometh’. Next week, Dennis will be dealing with his marriage to Dead Tooth Maureen and it seems the gang will continue to pretend Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee, isn’t about four or five months pregnant while filming.

So what did everyone else think about this season opener?