It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia / The League

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and THE LEAGUE return tonight on FX starting at 10pm. Can I get a woot! So what can we expect from the new seasons? Quite a lot.

Starting with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I was lucky enough to get to see four new episode from this new sixth season, and I have two words for you: McPoyle Brothers. Oh yes, they’re back!

But of course that’s not all. In the premiere episode, we find Mac fighting gay marriage, and yes it’s as outrageous and funny as it sounds. And in other episodes, we find the gang buying a boat, which leads to Dee dancing with one of those inflatable dolls you find at car dealers (not sure what they’re called), and it’s pretty cool actually. Dennis gets married (and divorced), to whom, well you’ll have to tune in. And finally Sweet Dee gets pregnant and tells the gang that the father is one of them. Yes, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia once again has some of the most shameless and craziest episodes on TV, and you need to make sure don’t you miss a second.

As for The League, well it’s time for a new football season, and even though Andre was the winner last season, he continues to be the team’s scapegoat. We also meet Sofia’s brother this season, whom I can’t say I’m very fond of. But mostly, having seen the first two episodes, I have high hopes for this new season.

So make sure you tune in tonight and watch the premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at 10pm on FX, followed by The League premiere at 10:30pm.