DARK BLUE “Dead Flowers” Review

DARK BLUE (TNT) Episode 9 Season 2 Dead Flowers

The ninth episode of season 2 of DARK BLUE, ‘Dead Flowers’ started off in a strip club and ended with a diamond ring.

The boys are undercover, but when their rat’s cover is questioned Carter is put at risk. Under questioning and at the end of a gun barrel the rat confesses to being a rat and adds that Carter is a cop before being shot several times in the chest.

“Say goodnight Carter” the baddie says, cocking the gun at our leading man’s head. Cue Dean and Ty kicking down doors with their guns blazing.

Carter returns home to find Number Six in his bed. I mean Alex. He looks pensive.

Dean gets himself in with another gang by posing as a gas station clerk. After swiping the Nick’s card details and stealing his cash, he finds himself being pummelled by Nick’s cronies. Nick is so impressed by Dean’s two-facedness he hires him.

Meanwhile, Dean and Jamie watch Danny (the brother of Nick) and his wife Melissa fight, shove each other and make out. Rather animalistic and amusing. Jamie then goes undercover at a lingerie shop which Melissa uses as a front for selling Viagra. Melissa is busted by Alex, who busts Jamie along with her to keep her cover intact. With Jamie firmly n Melissa’s trust, they decide to go out double dating.

Carter fails at trying to make a deal with the brothers Nick and Danny by unknowingly flirting with the Danny’s wife-which annoys Nick who is sleeping with his brother’s wife. Christmas must be hell at their house.

Eventually, thanks to Jamie and Melissa’s bonding, Carter is able to make a deal.

Dean is then asked to kill Nick’s brother by Nick himself, who can’t get over the fact that Danny may possibly be stealing from him. Before he has to execute Danny, Dean and Nick are taken by Ty and Alex in balaclavas.

Just as the deal between Carter and Danny is about to go down (go down-look at me with my lingo!), Homeland Security calls off the bust who want to keep the pipeline open because of a terrorist operation going through the pipeline. Alex is in charge of the terrorist bust five minutes after finding out about it, which tops off the list of incredulous things that happen in this episode.

Ty’s wife begs him to sign the divorce papers. Jamie and Dean go out for dinner (not a date, which would be weird) and Carter is delivered a menacing package which turns out to be an engagement ring.

‘Dead Flowers’, the penultimate episode of Dark Blue, ended like the pipeline: open and dangerous. Will Dean carry out the assassination? What will happen when Danny drops the money off? There was some confusion among the team about who was running the operation. My money’s on the mother. But I could be wrong: she may never make another appearance. And will Carter propose?

Hopefully the finale will live up to this episode of Dark Blue.

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